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Surfing in the snow is a rare delight in Tofino, Canada. Unlike the rest of the nation which usually goes into a deep freeze during the winter, temperatures on Vancouver Island stay fairly mild (for Canada) and don’t often dip down past the freezing point. So when the first flakes started to fall on this March morning we were stoked to get out there as soon as possible in case the weather changed. I also forgot that this is the regular day of the month that they test the Tsunami Warning System so if you turn your sound up during that part later in the video you may be able to catch a glimpse of what it sounds like as it’s pretty interesting but also eerie to hear when you are out in the water, especially in such a remote place.

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Board: 5’11 Lost Driver from @longbeachsurfshop
Fins: Willian Cardoso Mediums from Feather Fins
Wetsuit: Hyperfreak 5/4mm from Oneill Canada
Boots: Hotline ST 5mm from @longbeachsurfshop
Gloves: Oneill Psycho Tech 3mm from Oneill Canada

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@JardoNamron says:

Hope it’s a little warmer when I’m up there next week, not that the snow has ever stopped me. Had a snowy South Island sesh a couple weeks ago. 🥶

@dianewarren7169 says:

Love the snow!

@pnwpovsurfer_ says:

Beautiful water color looks like some fun waves too

@midliferising says:

It was cool see the second shot of snow here in Victoria, BC, I didn't get to surf in the snow but I did get to play in it. Awesome video!!

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