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Surfing Biggest Day – Nazare November 2017

I fell in love with Nazare within hours of my first visit. Standing in front of the lighthouse watching the ocean seeing and feeling the power i knew that this place was my destiny.

My endless winter’s was now locked in. Australia from March till October & from mid October till late February with Nazare, i made my big wave dream a reality.

The thing about Nazare is there’s aways a big swell coming.
The Atlantic is the most active ocean on the planet.

Rarely in Autumn & Winter you DON’T see a storm somewhere in the Atlantic doing its thing.

So here in my time coming to this amazing place i am featuring one of the greatest days in Nazare’s big wave riding history.

On November 8, 2017, November Rodrigo Koxa tows in on a wave by Sergio Cosme with an 80-foot wall, capturing the Guinness World Record for Largest Wave Surfed with a face height of 80 feet,23 meters.

Yes, this record has now been broken by Sebastian Steudtner with his ride from 2020 which was officially confirmed as having a height of 26.21 metres or 86 feet. 6 feet bigger than Koxa’s. But when I look at all the classic days this day in November 2017 stands out as the best days I have documented here.

It was dramatic, beautiful & dangerous. Andrew Cotton broke his back, Koxa got his world record & as the day progressed the wind turned onto gale force for two of the worlds best kite surfers.
Where another world record was broken by Nuno Stu for the biggest wave Kite surfed at 24.38 meters(80 foot).

See it all here in this edit.

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This film features Garrett McNamara
Hugo Vau
Ross Clarke Jones
Andrew Cotton
Antonio Silva
Sergio Cosme
Rodrigo Koxa
Pato Teixeira
Jerome Sahyoun
Marcos Monteiro
Justine Dupont
Axi Muniain
Rafael Tapia
Maya Gabeira
Joao Guedes
Kalani Lattanzi
Lucas Chumbo
Nuno Stu
Jesse Richmond


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Harvey Vas says:

Ross Clarke Jones my fucking héroe!

Harvey Vas says:

Big? You are Giants guys that's was huge mongoose! Justin the best 💪😍

Sunny Coasting TV says:

Epic footage mate!

Rainbow Jon says:

How old is RCJ now ?? Like 80. ?? Legend

Xav Neg says:

I love Justine Dupont how nervous she was during the interview, she literally through the wet suit on the jet ski hahaha

Paul Dwyer says:

This video's intense. Legendary capture and retelling.

pier palumbo says:

muito bom filme…..old school and etc… 21:01 🤬🤬🤬

Byron Bass says:

Rcj is a fuckinggg! Legend!!!! 🍻

mark kington says:

the true gladiators of the sport!!

Atort Aerials says:

The windsurfer had me sweating all mental out there. Doesn’t even look fun. 😬😬😬

Nick Ortcoski says:

Yeah, yeah, yeah, Ya all got screws loose!
Charge it!
It's the only way!

Jeff G says:

@13:59 – How does one survive that? insane. I would be dead in waves half that size.
@14:44 – Oh man – yikes. I thought he got under that. so much water moving out there …
@15:22 – A purely abusive session
@22:01 – absolute beast
@23:32 – It went from very unlucky to very very lucky (not getting sucked over)
@24:20 – beautiful
@28:36 – he did what???
@29:42 – hard to watch …
– if there's a location to see the gods, this is it

-idk about the height when they talk specific measurements though … I think they're taking advantage of the cliff angle. 60+ – not so sure about that. It's a whole lot of water – no doubt about that.
RCJ is a lifer – you can tell. He'll be surfing @ 90 with Slater

Isaac Pearson says:

The wipeout at 15:20 is so gnarly

igi pop says:

this is pure history and for eternity…. man and mother nature together in the purest form. EPIC!

Surfpapo says:

If I ever want it to end it this will be the place 🏄‍♂️☮️ this guys have a pair and Maya G. Too

Richard Nellyer says:

Get me to the shoulder!!! These guys and gals are nuts! Thank you for documenting this Tim. An important day in surfing history.

Jeffrey Bienduga says:

21:16-27 Biggest Barrel spit EVER!!!!

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