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Surfer Recognized for Riding Biggest Wave Ever

Guinness World Records recognized pro surfer Garrett McNamara of Hawaii for surfing the biggest wave ever, a 78-footer he caught off Portugal’s coast in November. (May 11)

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Tommy Clayton says:

Wipeout would've surely killed him

livesurflax says:

The dude rode this backside! Backside!

Prime Aestheticx says:

that's no wave that's a nightmare wtF!!

Daniel Estrela says:

Portugal 😀

Jacob Ayars says:


0:31 Yep, wiped out. Knew it.
0:37 HOLY SHIT HE'S ALIVE. *Mouthgape*

Ben Mines says:

I rather paddle into that than Teahupoo on a swell half the size.

Daniel Azevedo says:

You don't need money to be happy
You don't even need money to eat or survive, Nature gives you enough resources
Society transmits you values so Politicians and CEO's can get rich

Laura A. Pippin says:

truly amazing

transcend says:

shut up faggot :p

sticksnstuffs1fan says:

yet you can afford a computer…… some people cant even afford that….

hoopzers3 says:

Do they use rulers to measure the height?

Lou Spinelli says:

I would die, I'm used to riding little orange county waves, 2-3 foot.

Cosmosoc8 says:

get that man a go pro

Jonathan Hayes says:

HD footage of this video here, /watch?v=7nS_aR8XX_U

Withme Whostoned says:

he didn't paddle in, don't approve.

Bouchon211 says:

Some are close to the shore and some are far but there always has to be SOMETHING relatively shallow under there to form the wave. So basically most of these waves have reefs and things under them which makes many of them even MORE dangerous than they already are.

poop nguyen says:

if ur so poor then how do u have diablo 3 its a $60 game

slick says:

imagine being so poor,to have no internet to comment on youtube videos

music says:

They're near the shore.

AverySparkx says:

how deep do you go out to get waves this big?

Guilherme Valério says:

im portuguese, i live so close to that area y couldnt i see that?? daaamn bad luck

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