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Surfer: Massive wave felt never-ending

CNN’s Anderson Cooper talks to Brazilian surfer Carlos Burle who might have broken the record for biggest wave surfed. More from CNN at

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aSingleDallasGuy says:

Why does it always have to be one guy who cannot see the OBVIOUS sracastic comment? Not notice the "bad-bing"? LOL

José Dias says:

This is nothing to do about global warming, inform yourself about Nazare Canyon on Web.

nadoeloiskat says:

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usapilot78 says:

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MurrowSon says:

Stinking idiot latin…"…but I made it, you know." ha ha ha

MurrowSon says:

Please, SOMEONE get wussy Cooper OFF tv forever!! Being the rich brat of a perfume dictator does NOT qualify him in any way to be a: 'reporter' talk-show host or even a narrator. He's ugly, looks albino inbred, and is a pussy to boot, though I doubt he's ever had any.

aSingleDallasGuy says:

See Liberals, global warming has advantages, surfer dudes approve! bada-bing

LaTricoteuse says:

I'd not get in that water for any money in the World. Mostly because I'd not survive to enjoy it..

Renato Sousa says:

Eat this americans lmao.

"we will get thim when he gets back"…

"he´s not coming back …"

Jay T says:

thats insane i almost drowned when a 12 foot destroyed me made respect for this guy insanity

TJ B says:

Yeah this sport can kill ya.

Sebastian Behrens says:

cooper wants the D

skywriting33 says:

He must have been shitting himself!

jimmy jon says:

this guy is god

Dai mon says:

You can see his big balls on that wave from here.

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