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Surfer Fights Off Shark During Competition

A world surfing competition had to be cancelled Sunday after one of the surfers was attacked by a shark. Three-time world champion Mick Fanning from Australia was struck by the shark from behind and knocked off his board. He escaped unharmed. (July 19)

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Ezra Clowrey says:

if that was me I would proberbly die

Green Breeze says:

if this ever happened to me it would be my destiny to fight that shark and make it run before they saved me,i would love to raise my BAD ASS status…

O A says:

[36.43] We drown them if We will, then they have none to cry to, nor can they be saved,

[36.44] except through Our Mercy and as enjoyment for awhile

Holy Quran Islam

Mah Name Jeff says:

The shark wants to surf to so he grabbed the board.

raz mataz says:

surfers are in denial about what surfers look like from below…..

caleb brannen says:

Lol and did you notice he picked his ear on camera… is that a normal thing to do? My teacher does it all the time in class 

DaveWeasel69 says:

he didn't even punch it he's lying. the shark just went up and asked him polite to leave, surfing is animal abusing and you guys are all retardeds for believing his horse story

Libbie V says:

Aww come on hes a pro surfer odds were he was bound for confrontation. Especially in known sharky areas. But cool as a fan regardless

MrDukke45 says:

noob shark,cant even eat his lunch

DaLeadBull says:

He's lucky the shark only went after the board.

Lenny Savino says:

That shark was just investigating the surfer. If it really wanted to attack him, it would have.

LuckiestPunk says:

PAUL WALKER, I knew you were alive !!!!

Earl Simmons says:

Sharks dont like pork

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