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SUPvivalKit – SUP Accessory Travel Kit

The SUPvivalKit has all the essentials a Stand-up paddler needs, each dropped in to its own compartment! Board-Paddle-Paddler! 1x “Solarez®” Epoxy Ding Kit 1x “Puka Patch” Ding Sticker 1x Waterproof Dry Bag 1x Safety Whistle 1x Utility Knife (10 tools including screwdriver) 1x Compass 1x Leash String 2x Small Fin Screws (FF+FCS) 1x SPF 15 Lip Balm 1x SPF 30 Sunscreen 1x Large Fin Plate & Screw 1x Roll Paddle Tape 1x Paddle Wax Comb 1x Light/Glow Stick 1x Fin/Skeg Key

Product Features

  • Perfect for new SUP paddlers and experienced ones
  • Includes SUP accessory essentials
  • Fits in car or in backpack or strap to your board. Great for races and trips.

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