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SUPreme Women’s Blade Quantum Foam 1.5mm Neoprene Jane Fullsuit, Gray/Black, 6

SUPreme Women’s 2mm Blade Quantum Foam Neoprene JaneThe SUPreme BLADE is our most traditional design for SUP activities that provide core body thermal benefits in moderate and cold water conditions. The BLADE offers a front zipper entry in a traditional “

Product Features

  • STYLE: Micro fleece materials designed for SUP enthusiasts to stay on the water in cold water conditions.
  • COMFORT: Standup Paddleboard gear constructed from ultra soft 1.5mm Quantum Foam neoprene.
  • PROTECTION: Duratex 4-way stretch knee pads and 50+ UV Shield for a wetsuit with maximum protection.
  • FEATURES: Windproof and quick drying material for cold water conditions.

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Kelly says:

Exceeded my expectations! Everything I wanted! I wanted a suit where the arms were free and my neck wasn’t crowded. I also wanted to unzip front if I get hot, but want full legs for sun protection but also to meet my booties which I like for traction on my board. I wanted a thinner suit which would be flexible standing and sitting. This suit is so fashionable, first of all, and it has this amazingly cozy but cool interior lining! And it has many other surprising details. Little design at the ankle, zippers at the ankle. It is SUPER…

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