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SUNYOO®Top rate 100% waterproof Dry Bag Shoulder Sack Bag for Swimming Surfing Fishing Boating,Skiing Canoeing Holdable Handy Shoulder Sack Bag (10L-Black)

Product Features:

All our dry bags feature a solid roll top closure for water-tightness. Make a great waterproof gear bag, scuba dive bag, marine dry bag, dry bags for boats, dry bag for sailing or canoeing, dry storage bag, Compression dry bag.

Beautifully Designed and keep it Simple and Functional. Perfectly protect your cell phone,iPad,camera,GPS unit, wallet, money, cards, bikini, swimming trunks and sunscreen against water, rain, splashes, mud and sand when you play in the water.

Backpack Specifications:



5L Size:

Dimensions:40x29x17 cm

Compact Pouch Size:29.5x20x1.5 cm


10L Size:

Dimensions:54.5x29x17 cm

Compact Pouch Size:29.5x19x1.5 cm


About SUNYOO Brand

For more than 30 years, SUNYOO has created products to help you carry the stuff you need, where you need it, in the most functional and fashionable way possible. SUNYOO’s success extends around the globe and into walks of life that are as varied as the company’s product offering. SUNYOO’s goal is to design, engineer, manufacture, and market products that can help you get from point A to point B, wherever that may be. And the company wants to help you get there in the most functional way possible. Realizing that the pack that carries your books to school might be the same backpack that carries your gear on a Saturday day hike, JanSport incorporates flexibility into each and every design. The company is headquartered in Appleton, Wisconsin, with offices in the USA and Europe.

Product Features

  • 100% waterproof guaranteed to keep your belongings safe and dry from water and any adverse conditions.
  • Ultratough non-rip material with double-stitched, sealed seams and scrim-reinforced vinyl bottom to ensure maximum water resistance.
  • Removable and adjustable shoulder strap- comes with an extra long shoulder sling for easy carry and be slung over the shoulder or across the body.Easy to clean and convenient to carry.
  • GREAT FOR- Water Sports, Kayaking, Boating, Traveling, Dive Gear, Island Hopping, White Water Rafting, Skiing, Snowboarding, For Electronics We Recommend Using Another Layer of Protection For Added Security Against Damage and Impacts.
  • Roll the top of the dry sack down 2 to 3 or more times, fold the stiffener to squeeze the air out and clip the buckle together to keep the water away.Please be sure to roll 2 to 3 times!

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Alice in Wondland says:

I will enjoy taking it to the beach When I go to the beach, I always worry about keeping my valuables free of sand and water. Just about any bag will keep the sand out, but the water can be a problem. This excellent bag is perfect for my beach outings!The bag itself is about 15 inches tall, and broad enough for you and the family to put your valuables in – phones, cameras, car keys, etc. Then, you just fold the top over three or four times, and then snap the top to lock it closed. It’s that simple!This is…

Anonymous says:

This review is for:SUNYOO®Top rate 100% waterproof Dry Bag Shoulder Sack Bag for Swimming Surfing Fishing Boating,Skiing Canoeing Holdable Handy Shoulder Sack BagThis is a “Dry Bag” that lives up to that name. You get a waterproof shell and a special way to seal it up so it is waterproof. You fold the top over 3-5 times and buckle it. This creates a waterproof seal. You could put this bag in the water when sealed and not get any water inside.I…

Anonymous says:

I like to use the dry bags for tubing and kayaking for keeping my lunch, electronics, and towels dry while in the water. This 5 liter bag is roomy and the material is thick and durable. While the vinyl did smell initially, this dissipated quickly.The stitching and seam quality are good with few “loose” threads. Note that the fabric shoulder straps and the straps for the clasps do get wet and absorb water but the contents inside the bag…

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