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Sudden tsunami


@anastasiose4489 says:

Where the f@#% did you see the tsunami ?

@itrobyn says:

roses are red violets are blue we just got clickbaited and this bubba got a view

@SlacktivistWeeb says:

Can always expect Indians to just blatantly lie in video titles.

@user-vk3ul7fc1u says:

Bunder🐒 ha yar😂😂😂😂

@obi-nh9eh says:

Seeing him backflip the tsunami cancelled its plans

@SD_N_IN_A_CAR says:


@dragonexe6835 says:

tsunami before : we are coming
tsunami seeing this guy: hey everyone head back

@user-jn3uv1by4k says:

Still waiting for the so claimed "sudden tsunami"

@spongebobbatteries says:

@3:50 Funny how you mentioned Futurama and you show Bender in the cover but really it was Fry with Leela and Amy, even though Amy wasn't part of the main trio. She was part of the backup trio with Hermes and Zoidberg. (Kind of like how Sanjay and Elmer were Timmy's backup friends)

@ianfelixplens says:

GAINER FLIP Made in Vector

@All-Ava-max says:

It’s called a wave

@MyMiddleNameIsFalse says:


@sneakyninja14 says:


@DiwanRai-ef3jj says:

Tridal wave at real life:

@stephaniedoan7114 says:

Shoo tsunami shoo

@urhomie9376 says:

Plot twist : You guys didn't understand his dark humour 😂😂

@user-uo7fw5bo1o says:

I've seen "tsunamis" like these on the beach when I was growing up in Scituate, Mass. They're nothing special.

@mohamedrizwan8338 says:

Tsunami went back into the sea seeing their IQ level 😂

@bensims7501 says:


@Vera-ml3io says:

They look like there having so much fun

@GV-dg2lk says:

Stupid video and owner

@user-ee5kr1bv8g says:

Run ❌
Record ✅

@Speedy2Chizzy3 says:

Bros name us tsunami

@rebaingram1901 says:

Johnny tsunami strikes again

@rebaingram1901 says:

Must be the same guys from the last click bait i clicked where they was on the back of a vehicle and the caption said something about a tsunami….and i was thinking the whole damn time water was about to come out of the trees and knock them off the road or something…but nothing happened! Ughhhhhhhhh

@juanzilla6436 says:

All of you waiting for the tsunami: 🤡

@ItsMiaShorts28 says:

If y’all can’t see in the background there is indeed a tsunami

@bellastud13 says:

👵 Awww bless your heart 😂😅

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