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Splaqua Prescription Corrective Optical Swim Goggles – Anti-Fog UV Protection – Best Quality, Stylish, Durable, Goggles Black Clear 400

Don’t you hate it when you can’t enjoy a swim because you can’t see properly because you can’t wear your glasses while you practice your stroke? Well we have heard you at Splaqua and have created our brand new Prescription Swim Goggles! Now you can see under the sea clearly!

SPLAQUA Prescription Swim Goggles gives you the benefits of corrective lenses with the eye protection of swimming goggles! With our prescription swim goggles, you can keep chlorine out of your eyes and see clearly throughout your swim. SPLAQUA Prescription Swim Goggles Are the Best Because They Are:

– SAFE & COMFORTABLE. Our one-piece silicone prescription swimming goggles are a pleasure to wear, and they still create a tight seal to keep water out. These googles keep your eyes safe from chlorine and water at all times.

– AVAILABLE IN A WIDER RANGE OF PRESCRIPTIONS. The swim goggles prescription come in strengths of -150 to -1000, so you’re guaranteed to find your prescription. We also carry Plano, a non-prescription type.

– CUSTOMIZATION. We can custom make the prescription swimming goggles you want with different lenses for each eye! You can choose from the colors of blue, black and pink for your strap color selection. You can also choose from our tinted and clear options as well!

– ADDED EAR PROTECTION. We have included with our goggles a set of comfortable, high quality ear plugs with our prescription goggles.

– EASY TO CARRY. Our durable hard carry case protects the goggles, so you don’t have to worry about them breaking on the go.

– GUARANTEED FOR UP 90 DAYS. You won’t get a longer satisfaction guarantee with other prescription swim goggles.

Protect your eyes and your ears and see the pool as clearly as can be now! So order your SPLAQUA Prescription Swim Goggles Today!

Product Features

  • FOCUS ON YOUR STROKE WORRY FREE: Our one-piece silicone prescription goggles stay in place while you’re swimming and diving, so you never have to stop to adjust them! Enjoy comfort and reliability while keeping your eyes safe!
  • MANY PRESCRIPTIONS AVAILABLE: Splaqua offers a range of prescription lenses, in strengths of -150, -200, -250, -300, -350, -400, -450, -500, -600, -650, -700, -800, -850, -900 & -1000. We also provide our swim goggles without prescriptions as well.
  • TRAVEL CARRYING CASE: Our prescription swimming goggles come with a free hard case that completely protects your goggles from dust, scratches, dirt, debris, wear, and tear – no matter where you travel, how often you swim, or what you do!
  • FREE EAR PROTECTION INCLUDED: Get a set of ear plugs with our prescription swim goggles, so that you’re always protected from swimmer’s ear! These lightweight and durable earplugs are our gift to you! Thank you for trusting Splaqua!
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Our prescription swimming goggles come with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee! If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our product, please contact us and let us make it right.

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Galena says:

Incorrect Vision Correction? I wasn’t sure which one to order as I’ve never had (or even heard of) prescription goggles before but I recently started swimming again and loved the idea. The information I found online was to take 1/2 of the cylinder + sphere in your prescription = diopter strength. So for example, if your prescription is a sphere of -2.0 and a cylinder: -1.0, then (1/2 x -1.0) + -2.0 = -2.0 (rounded up from -2.5) diopter lens. Using my prescription I was able to get that mine should be a -6.5 so I ordered…

Stef R. says:

Not bad but not very comfortable The Splaqua swimming goggles come in a nice plastic case, with a little instruction paper, protective film on the lenses and a desiccant pack.These swimming goggles can be ordered with correction lenses. I decided to order the plain version with no correction, both because even if I wear glasses I don’t need correction lenses for swimming, and because I didn’t want to let maybe an imperfect lens correction (lenses are such a delicate and personal thing) influence my judgment of the…

Tat says:

I’ve had terrible eye sight since I was a kid I wish I’d had these years ago! I’ve had terrible eye sight since I was a kid, and while I love swimming, it’s been awful not being able to see in the water. I obviously can’t wear glasses in the pool, so I’ve had to buy 1 day disposable contacts when I swim (which are less comfortable and really irritate my eyes).But the best part is that my daughter, whose eyes are even worse than mine, can finally see when she swims! She’s too young for contacts and she loves the water. My little…

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