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Speedo Men’s Easy Long Sleeve Swim Tee, Cyan, X-Large

Go easy on your skin this summer with this relaxed swim tee. It offers the same great sun protection as a classic rash guard with just a little more breathing room. Speedo block the burn technology shields skin from the sun’s harsh rays; raglan sleeves offer great range of motion.

Product Features

  • Raglan sleeves
  • Contrast stitching
  • Relaxed fit

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Anon says:

Great for tall guys 0

Douglas S. Benson says:

Fantastic and cool Bought this for a hot trip to Hawaii, and ended up wearing it every day for over a week. Never got a sunburn (at least, not where this garment covered me!), and much to my surprise the white cloth reflected so much sun that even in long sleeves, 86 degree direct sun with this coverup never got as hot as a normal short-sleeve shirt.I’m totally sold on this one–I’d buy another for sure. Comfortable, and a loose fit to look fine on a middle-aged guy or on a young model like in the…

Billybob says:

Great Shirt I wear this shirt kayaking in the hot sun. White is much cooler than dark colors, more than I would have thought. The fabric is light any airy and dries quickly. The sleeves are long, but cover my wrists, which I like and will stay folded back when necessary. After almost a year of use, the stretch has remained like new in the fabric. The fabric blocks UV well and I have never gotten sunburned when wearing it. A note about fit…. rash shirts were originally meant to be worn under wetsuits and…

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