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Silicone Mouthpiece w/ Color Tab Replacement Scuba Regulator Comfort Fit Mouth Piece (Black/Yellow)

Easy to install mouthpiece on snorkel. Don’t forget use the tie wraps to attach it with regulator or octo! Great replacement for your old mouthpiece.

Product Features

  • Durable Silicone Rubber
  • Fit Most Any Regulator and Snorkels
  • Soft and Comfortable Feel

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Mark says:

Larger mouthpiece with more bite. 0

Sterling Albritton says:

Worked Fantastic I got this because I was going to be taking Scuba Diving classes.. They were selling the mouth Pieces in the store for 8 dollars, and these were 7.99 with free shipping.. the ones in the store were completely generic and I didn’t care for them at all… I ordered the Black/Blue one and it worked absolutely perfectly.. as a matter of fact, all the other students loved it and asked me how much and where I got it from, the day we started doing our pool testing, and were jealous…

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