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Shark Repellent Reusable

-Reusable Shark Repellent . Effective up to 5 uses -Heavy duty Paracord strap “Better to have, and not need, than to need, and not have.” _ Franz Kafka Our Predator Deterrent scents are specifically designed to deter nature’s most successful predators. Our goal is to strike fear into these predators that will instill an overwhelming fear of humans that they will carry with them their entire life. We believe an effective predator deterrent is one that you only have to use once. Our predator deterrent is non-lethal but will use the sense of smell to strike overwhelming fear into the predator. Results are instant and can last up to 36 hours. Sharks can be a nuisance while scuba diving, fishing, spear fishing, kayaking and general ocean water activates. Our Shark Predator Deterrent scent will effectively scare even the most aggressive species of shark from your general area. Designed with the latest in scientific technologies. The Rut Grenade Shark Predator Deterrent systems has the potential to save lives and avoid would be shark attacks. Important Safety Information We encourage people to use Shark repellent when working in or enjoying the ocean to minimize the risk of Shark attacks, but Sharks can be dangerous and often unpredictable creatures. While extensive testing has been done and great care taken to develop and manufacture the Sharks repellent , it is impossible to guarantee that all Sharks will be deterred under all circumstances. Water based activities in the presence of sharks is inherently dangerous and is not recommended therefore we recommend that if a shark is sighted that the user leaves the water. We are in no way liable if you are hurt or killed by a Shark or misus or improper handling of the Shark repellent .

Product Features

  • Reusable Shark Repellent . Effective up to 5 uses. Heavy duty paracord strap
  • Repel Sharks while Scuba diving, Surfing, Fishing, Spearfishing, Kayaking and general ocean water activities.
  • Rut Grenades Shark Repellent has the potential to save lives and avoid would be shark attacks.
  • Avoid Shark contact and mistaken identity
  • Easy attach on your Life Vest , Swimsuit or Scuba Gear. Drag it from your Kayak

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Sherry G says:

Real review of product use on the Outer Banks of NC Okay, I realize that the majority of the reviews for this product are either from idiots making stupid jokes about losing appendages or from people who are paid to review products. I am not one of those people. I purchased this product because I had a vacation planned to the Outer Banks of North Carolina just a week after the seventh person this summer was attacked by a shark. I have been swimming in the waters of the Outer Banks for at least 25 years and I know the sharks are there, it is…

Harold Wilton says:

Tried this a few times now. I didn’t see … 0

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