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Sebastian Steudtner GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ Title For The Largest Wave Surfed (unlimited) – male

Sebastian Steudtner (GER) set a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for the largest wave surfed (unlimited) – male. As part of the Red Bull Big Wave Awards, the WSL has verified Sebastian Steudtner’s 2021 Big Wave Award-winning ride as 86 feet (26.21 meters), which was caught at Praia do Norte in Nazaré, Portugal on October 29, 2020.


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ehlava says:

too bad he didn't pull in, looked makable (says the guy on the sofa). still epic… but someday someone will do it

kultura 92 says:

this is the strongest thing I've ever seen in my life, bravo master. 👏🏼🏄‍♀️😉✌🏼

Maria VaLero says:

Espectacular 😀💪 emocionante,,,lo nunca visto ,,, oleeeee 💃 😉

Kalentxy Su a. says:

Sopa istant

Marcon Cat Family says:

Wow congratulation

silvio jose pereda cortes says:

Nazare A holy place indeed, Seb touched the sky ✌️✌️

manx77 says:

Woohoo. Its all about getting towed into the biggest peak of the day. Sort of like coming off the highest water ski jump. It's about making the landing…. not really surfing – which is all about paddling into position, reading the swells, being in the exact right spot, and then dealing with all the shoulder-hoppers. But the beach-lookers never know the difference. Oh, the glory. lol.

Taco Myrick says:

Imagine getting caught inside at Nazare…


Hammer, gratulation

Andre .Monteiro says:

surf esporte de riquinho de mauricinho….

surf'stomuch says:

How big is that 12ft ?

Dario Moratilla says:


James Anderson says:

much respect perfectly ridden balls of steel

Its Turbo says:

Atlantic ocean is evil

Julyan Coles says:

How to judge when riding top part

Hamish Timmins says:

That's both a grower and a shower

Bowery Boy 505 says:

Liquid Mountain🌊🌊🏆🏆

Mat Summers says:

How big was the wave

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