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Sebastian Steudtner at Nazare – 2016 Billabong Ride of the Year Entry – WSL Big Wave Awards

Sebastian Steudtner (Nuremberg, Germany) cracks the whip and puts on a speed run display for the crowd at Praia do Norté, Nazaré, Portugal on October 27, 2015. Video by Nuno Dias. An entry in the Billabong Ride of the Year category of the 2016 WSL Big Wave Awards. For more information see

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Dennis Carrier says:

Big balls, man.   That wave could break your spine.

RicardGomes76 says:

I think he's not surfing the wave. He is running away from the wave… Well, I understand him…

Groove Worshipper says:

did he bail when he caught back up to the jet ski? That was nearly perfect

boby bober says:

Old video….

Loïc Lemoine says:

How many metters for this wave ?

fabiorogerioventura says:

Amazing !!!

francisco torrontegui says:

Big balls, but I think he doesn't complete the entire take off

Ennith Kennif says:

Not sure if it beats Garrett's record a couple years ago but I'd say 65ft

Neria says:

Beautiful !

Why s0 seri0us says:

holy shitt

Elias Uchiha says:

El puto amo de las olas!!

Comments111 says:

I'd give the award to the jet ski driver. stellar effort

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