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Ripcurl GBomb Longsleeve Booty Springsuit

Rip Curl’s G-BOMB women’s front-zip springsuits are where style and performance converge. Sexy, young, and super high performance design and materials allow you to look your best in the water and perform to the best of your abilities. Made of 100% stretch E4 neoprene with action panels for superior comfort and maneuverability. This suit also features durable and high-stretch flatlock seams, a strong front zip closure, and a stash pocket for keys or wax comb.

Product Features

  • Rated for water 66 degrees and up
  • 100% stretch E4 neoprene with action panels for maneuverability
  • Durable flatlock seams
  • Short front zip closure
  • Rip Curl products cannot be shipped outside of the USA

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Taylor R says:

Great wetsuit, super sexy – BUT.. 0

calisurfergirl says:

Really like it but it could be better 0

quipquot says:

Sexy and functional – how can you go wrong? 0

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