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Riding Giants – Laird Hamilton Surfing Teahupoo

Chapter 27 from the surfing documentary Riding Giants, featuring Laird Hamilton riding a big wave at Teahupoo – possibly the greatest surfing event in recorded history.

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Matthew Moreno says:

I've seen bigger waves in a toilet.

David Reed says:

Laird is the greatest ever (so far).

murasaki9 says:

I absolutely adore this video. It's so beautiful and shows Laird at his absolute best. It's gorgeous. It's sad that now Teahupoo is so crowded all the time. But I am so grateful for film and the ability to see things like this. It's transforming and spectacular.

Cplo Wu says:

too much hype? I think that dozens if not more waves like this was ridden at teahupoo.

tcfunvids says:

The difference between L.H. is most surfers who ride these monsters are just trying to survive the ride while L.H. is out there playing on them.

john doe says:

Can someone please tell me who created the music @ 5:40?

None given here.

Thx in advance.

Sir Donald Dust says:

I wonder what the OTHER waves that day were like??!!

Jordy Mcdonald says:

The first wave is at jaws and all the others are teahupoo ???????

Chris Ramirez says:

All respect, This guy Hamilton is either fearless or craZy! Wish I could ride waves like that 

unclesamtookmymoney says:

Filmed through a sock. I had the DVD-seemed so much cleaner than this footage.

babiesmakinbabies says:

Starts with Jaws, ends with Teahupoo.

TripleB1888 says:

Surfing looks fun as shit! Would be solid right enough 

Fraser Williamson says:

Not " choh poo". Try saying it more like…"tey ahoo poh".  It runs together but it is not "choh poo". How many of these pricks go to, or live in, the islands but can't be arsed to pronounce the names properly.

John Purkis says:

ya lol this isnt teahupoo… teahupoo breaks the other way, troll. this is jaws

Marquis Cagle says:

Laird 'Mother Fuckin' Hamilton…….

Jacqueline Miller says:


scott james says:

cray wave, but better, his tan is on point

nonlinearmind says:

Laird is sorta Will Forte-esque.

Kermicheo Kermit says:

holy fuck. 

John Vorhes says:

this isnt teahupoo. this is peahi or "Jaws" on maui

eyestungdustnblind says:


carlos mendeza says:

Laird is God 

CaptainDragonzx says:

This is not teahupoo this is jaws

MrJackWorse says:

this is so frickin epic! sweaty palms and goosebumps, third time watching. good stuff! legendary.

tiffsaver says:

LH encompasses all of the qualities that epitomize a truly great big wave rider… great water skills, tremendous strength and endurance, the inhuman ability to think under pressure, fearlessness, flawless technique, and simply an overwhelming love and respect for the ocean.

kombrig 2 says:

Laird turned a regular surfing – to a Great Art! God bless him!

FuzzBuzz Santos says:

I do need atention,just not from you.

Chris MacDonald says:

What's the music called at the end???

keri caye says:

I surfed at 14, 15, 16 and at 17 a 20 footer by Doheny scared the crap out of me at 5: 00 AM and me and Cathy Jordan was the only  people on the lonely beach………that wave took our sweatshirts off the beach and we froze…..oh the early I miss them

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