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RIDE’s Brenton Thwaites Reveals the Biggest Wave He’s Ever Surfed!

Australian actor Brenton Thwaites completes his Young Hollywood hat trick, making his third appearance at the YH Studio, this time to scoop us on his surfing-themed film ‘Ride’, which couldn’t be a more perfect for the real-life surfer! He reveals to us the biggest wave he’s ever surfed, plus he talks a bit about his writing and tells us what Oscar-winning actor he’d love to work with someday!

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anewday says:

Bisexual my ass. He is fucking gay.

Eden Maru says:

Brenton revealed he is bisexual! So sorry ladies. Looks like you have some competition 

Dj 20 MSP says:

He's so cute when I found out he used to live in cairns I was so shocked I didn't even know and he is I think the only actor who was born in QLD.

Mia Barr says:

She is thirstyyyyyyyyy. 

TheWeekndFanX0 says:

I wanna ride Brenton's "surfboard" so bad if you know what I mean ;)

Jester Trey says:

so cute )   he is really easy to fall in love with

Bianka Molina says:

hottie alert

Pau SupFac says:

I loveeee Brenton Thwaites ❤️ 

Faisal Kamal says:

To the host: no bitch, I'm going surfing with him! Lol

Miranda Gutierrez says:

Great film to watch with your mom, I enjoyed watching him in this role.

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