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Raw Monster Mavericks surf session 2012 Jan 5th and 6th Mark Healy | making of the Chasing Mavericks

Raw footage Filmed during the making of the Chasing Mavericks Movie 2012 Jan 5th and 6th Some big and lumpy surf provides XXL Surf for California! filmed by Mike Jones copyrighted video, contact [email protected] 805-771-0199. (As High As I Am) is a life-style and sportswear brand that celebrates the trendy gift of human flight. From base jumping to bull riding, nothing on earth is more liberating than leaving the ground. Straight from Sunny California, our roots lay in the air we got while surfing, and together with many other extreme sports out there celebrating the same liberation that comes from wind in front, danger at the heel and the loss of earthly attachment, was born. | morro bay surf shop

AzHiAzIAM International
1140 Front Street Unit B
Morro Bay California 93442
[email protected]

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Quinn ik says:

that left was really workin good!

pedro insider says:

wow who is that guy with jay's moriarty board? the green/orange

Google Minus says:

Going there on 26th missed it by 6 days.

Bradley Van Winkle says:

Awesome video. best perspective i've seen of mavericks

theSaint 1964 says:

Jeff Clark was the first to ride this wave..alone ! for 15 years before any one else dared to venture out

theSaint 1964 says:

gnarly and hardcore..i think I'll stick to my Indian Ocean , warm water , 3-6 ' beach break.

dasired1995 says:

One day maybe after a few years I will have enough experience and balls to attempt it

maezer h says:

Hey that's my b day

Ariel hidalgo says:


AzhiaziamTV says:

Depends but 1000 is pretty typical on a long day I can shoot up to 3,000 shots. 10 frames a second about 40 shots per wave/ sequence.

Wund4z says:

How many pics do you end up at the end of each session?

6stijn6 says:

I want footage of that

AzhiaziamTV says:

They try to stay in deeper water, it would take a REALLY BIG wave ti hit the boats in this deep area, sometimes though, the captain takes the bat in too shallow of water and they do get hit.

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