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Quiksilver Men’s Carver Tropics Sandal, Black/Grey, 12 M US

Pu coated strap with a supple woven lining and finely woven nylon toe post with herringbone texture

Product Features

  • Uniform thickness, slip resistant with seasonal boardshort and tee graphics
  • Molded contour, slip resistant, textured footbed

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Anonymous says:

The first pair I had lasted for years with several runs in the washer every week and countless trips to the gym for use in the shower. They still hold up except the tread was worn and wanted more traction in the shower. I order 2 new pairs completely confident in the build. One pair was more leathery looking and I hold aside for dressier occasions. The pair for this review unfortunately has tiny hoops of fabric on the straps that hook into the skin on my foot and tear my skin causing me to…

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