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Polytree Silicone Swim Gear Fins Hand Webbed Flippers Training Glove (S)


Type: Swimming Finger Webbed Gloves

Material: Silicone

The advantages of using swimming hand webbed gloves:

·Speed: Swim like a frog. Swim and catch a wave faster.

·Training: Increase resistance and improve technique. Great for beginners.

·Hydro grip: Swimming webbed provides full flexibility of your hand and increases hold on slippery surfaces.

·Hydrodynamic design make it easy to use.

·Providing maximum efficiency to the user when swimming.

Package Includes:

1 Pair of Swimming Finger Webbed Gloves

Product Features

  • Extra elasticity and special cut, hydrodynamic shape, reusable design
  • Made of silicone, comfortable, soft, elasticity, safe
  • Use Swimming Webbed for: Competitive swimming, Surfing, Body surfing, Scuba diving, Water polo, Triathlon training, Open water swimming, Water rehabilitation and therapy, etc.
  • Size: S size is for childern, M size fits most women, L size fits most men
  • Package Includes: 1 Pair of Swimming Finger Webbed Gloves

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