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Peahi Paddle Session 2016 SONY 4K

Big Friday Peahi Paddle Session 2016 SONY 4K Aaron Gold Paddles Into Biggest Wave Ever Paddled Into @ Peahi. Shane Dorian & Ian Walsh Were Also Stand Outs.

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Jaime Bustos says:

WTF! No way in hell. Sic vid, thx

Cplo Wu says:

tow in and Dave Wassel extincions is alread decreted.

tiffsaver says:

Did you noticed that virtually ALL of the goofy footers got clobbered on these waves? It's tough enough to take the initial drop on these monsters with your back toward the wall, but even more difficult to make the bottom turn that way… just not enough inertia to get into position to bury a rail and save your life.

Genesis Maldonado says:

holy fuck

Michael Mills says:


Justin Wil says:

Whats the frame rate on that Sony 4k?

belletollz says:

anyone know who it was at about :35?

sinkezie says:

And I'm just sitting here…

kid gloves says:


jkramaster says:

As an amateur, how far out do you have to be to get this size of wave?

John Surf says:

the stand up board is an eye sore!!!! Hahahaha!

Jason schrafft says:

they use to tow in this size but now because of what has been learnt from tow surfing they are better at paddle surfing. The level has just lifted so much

Jason schrafft says:

its like a giant version of the new sunset Beach

MrOlivo says:

7min53sec video (2160.p) = 1,21 Gb ! … … … No comments …

Paul Barrett - Alexander Technique says:

Wow ….

zic'n + says:

Those endless perfect tsunamis are just unreal. The beauty of the line, the tube, the blue turning into massive white explosion is amazing. The surfing motion onto that makes the best couple nature/human being

Kanai Gooding says:

7:18 XXL ride of the year?

Rural Disturbance says:

My opinion is the opposite of Michael Work below.

I think these guys are perfecting their craft. I see more guys putting themselves in position for those HUGE barrels more often and with more success than ever. This is pure surfing man, can't you see it? These guys are taking it to the highest level. As a fan I am more excited than ever because i'm watching the best surfers in the world from the comfort my home.

And thanks to +PureDigitalMaui for constantly uploading from the pineapple fields because its a different way of life and expensive to live on Maui. You deserve more subscribers bro, when I get bigger I'll get them shout outs going for ya 😉

P.S. Fuckin Shane Dorian escapes Jaws!!! 4:34 WOW!!!

P.S.S. 7:18 :O

Matthew sullivan says:

I could do better with an ironing board .

Renato Machado says:


souranimals says:


PaulOrientedotcom says:

Awesome wave and some great rides.


Awesome! Tyvm PDM!

tubethis777 says:

5:00. Obliteration.

kokemf says:

Love to see those swells hitting hawaii at the other side of the world with your videos PureDIGITALMaui! Great footage that wave's just insane

Zavier Lucaino says:

Anyone else spot the drone at like 6:45?

Falquiboy says:

If you're not awake after watching this I don't know when you will be. I got a rush just by seeing this at home

Jason Voorhees says:

These surfers charge so hard. They deserve functional boards. I could build them sticks that they'd be able to crank bottom turns on. The shapers don't know what the fuck they're doing.

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