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Parallaxx Wetsuit Changing Mat Waterproof Dry Bag for Scuba Diving Surf Kayak Beach

Personally I love Kitesurfing! Nothing beats some high jumps and new tricks! Even on a rainy day, I’m out there! 

After a great session I sit down with some friends 🍻and we check our apps, how far did we ride, who had the highest jump and we give each other tips on how to improve our new trick. And we started dreaming, how can we improve our experience? What if it could be even better? So we figured out that there is one thing that annoyed all of us.


 Yes, it’s always everywhere! And yeah we love it, walking on it, and it gives us the beach, which we can’t and won’t ever live without. But what if we didn’t have to take all that sand home? What if we could keep our feet, wetsuit, harness and in this way, car sand-free? That would be a game-changer for us! 

 So I went home, spent hours thinking about how to solve this and eventually came up with the idea to design my own changing mat. It kept the sand out of the car and contained all the water too.

 I showed my friends and they loved it. They got creative and figured out that it can be used to carry their laundry or a way to store ice and drinks at the beach! 

 Anyway, this is a game-changer for anyone who wants a clean car & house and loves to kite.

 See you on the water! 

Dan Lawson
Kite lover! 

Product Features

  • 🏄‍♂️ PROTECT YOUR WETSUIT: save your expensive neoprene from the abrasion & debris in the car park by using the clean smooth surface of the Parallaxx change mat. Keep the sand & dirt sticking to your feet then dragging it through the inside of your wetsuit or worse – your underwear!
  • 🚗 PROTECT YOUR CAR: Parallaxx changing mat doubles as a large dry bag to contain all your wet and/or sandy beachwear. Keep the family happy & save time cleaning the car of the sandy beach remnants.
  • 💪 VERSATILE AND DURABLE: 100% strong waterproof material & designed LARGER than others at 65cm wide to fit wetsuit + additional beachwear. Also smaller internal pocket for keys, money, lotions. SHOULDER STRAP & PADDED HANDLES for comfortable carry.
  • 👍 PERFECT ACTION SPORTS BAG: The Parallaxx community is using our changing mat for surfing, kiteboarding, wakeboarding, diving, Kayaking, wake boarding, snowboarding, or even at the gym. TAKE it EVERYWHERE.
  • 💯 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We stand by all our products; if something is not quite what you expected, contact us for a full refund.

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Anonymous says:

I used this bag before and after my kitesurfing sessions. All in all, the build quality is decent, holds all my wet gear, and generally does it’s job.Pros:- Held all the sand and water from my wetsuit, booties, gloves, hood, wet socks, and undergarments. Did not leak in my vehicle at all- Compact size makes it easy to maneuver- Shoulder strap is a nice featureCons:- There are two draw strings that both extend to about 5 ft long. I can’t figure…

Anonymous says:

Parallaxx has made an awesome product that is essential for anyone who does water sports! When I saw this product my immediate reaction was, “I NEED THIS.” I am an avid kite boarder, diver, spearfisher, and water lover, so naturally I find myself at the beach A LOT. One problem, I am don’t particularly care for sand!After a day of kiteboarding or doing a shore dive, I end up taking off my wet gear and packing up the car and my trunk and seats inevitably would get sandy and wet…

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