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Painting Surfboards and Chasing Waves: An artist’s journey to success

FOR ANYONE WHO EVER WONDERED”Is my art good enough?””No matter what you create, someone is going to love it and someone is going to hate it. Focus on the people who love it.” Drew BrophyDrew Brophy began his journey as a young artist who struggled to fit in. He had a vision for painting in a unique way, but the rest of the world wasn’t ready for it. He never gave up and eventually, his techniques became accepted and emulated worldwide. In this book, Brophy shares a sometimes painful, yet inspiring story of how he progressed from being a totally lost young man to creating an adventurous life of surf and travel with his art.Look Inside for:Brophy’s full color paintings, sketches and designs that inspired surf cultureHundreds of Brophy’s surfboard paintings from the 1980’s to presentThe brutally honest story of Brophy’s journey from starving to a full art careerThe mindset that it took to overcome the naysayers and ultimately led to successA failed art gallery, clients refusing to pay and endless rejections; but there is that one thing that Brophy asked himself, that eventually led him on a path to create the life he really wanted. Read on for Brophy’s personal story and artist retrospective, showing the progression of art and mindset over the course of thirty years.

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Anonymous says:

LOVE Drew has got to be the most prolific surf artist ever. All the Lost boards, the murals, the waves. This is an amazing look back at some of the art: the waves, creatures of the sea and the dreamy landscapes. Perfect coffee table book, visually stimulating with a dose of surf history sprinkled on top.One of the most interesting parts is the sketches Drew makes before he paints a piece, these sketches open a window into the creative process that is really cool.But the best…

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