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Original Watermen Retro Trunks – Men’s Red Medium

We’ve got short shorts! These are our flagship model of lifeguard trunks, used by lifeguards in 1900 cities across the United States. Super soft cool plus liner (No mesh liner). 2 side pockets with full sand/water drainage. Split seam at the leg. 4″ inseam. 100% supplex nylon.

Product Features

  • Super soft cool plus liner (No mesh liner)
  • 2 side pockets with full sand/water drainage
  • Split seam at the leg
  • 4″ inseam
  • 100% supplex nylon

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Anonymous says:

This is a nice suit of good quality material that dries fast. I use it mostly for swimming at the pool at my gym, and I’m pleased with how easy it ease to rinse out and dry. It never gets musty, even after using it all week with only a rinse in the shower between uses. The pockets also stay nicely in place rather than drooping out like rabbit ears the way some suits do as soon as you hit the water. The only improvement in my opinion would be to make the liner a bit snugger and more supportive…

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