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Orange Mud Transition & Seat Wrap – Turquoise

The Transition & Seat Wrap is the answer to parking lot and trail head gear changes as well as keeping that clean seat of yours… well, clean! Orange Mud designed the wrap with the simple goal of not having your towel fall off while changing from regular clothes to run/bike/surf/etc gear. It stays around your waist securely via a built in belt clip. The second feature of the towel is the zip on hoodie, which you slip over your seat back in your car so when you sit down, the wrap does not slide off your seat.

Product Features

  • The Transition & Seat Wrap is the answer to parking lot and trail head gear changes
  • 30″ wide x 60″ long
  • Impact resistant polymer clip
  • Laser cut super tough belt
  • Wash cold before first use, dry cool

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Clean Mushroom says:

To be honest, disappointed so far. I dig it! However, there are some pros and cons. I don’t like how thin it feels and I’m pretty sure it will soak through after a gym workout. It is overpriced by ~$10-15. After first wash and prior to use, at least with the orange one, the color seems to have faded a bit and doesn’t feel as if it were new anymore. I’ve washed brand new regular towels and they stay feeling new and ‘fluffy’ for a while. The current size, 30″x60″ is not big enough for the seats in our Nissan Altima and…

Carrie says:

Good idea, overpriced, needs backing

texaseskimo says:

Simply ingenious!! My husband surfs and this is PERFECT for when he’s doing that wetsuit shimmy next to the car. I kind of miss watching him struggle to keep his old towel from falling down but hey, this is a far more elegant and useful solution. 🙂 He also uses this after basketball games and we both use ours after our mountain bike and hiking adventures. The oversized thick terrycloth towel is super absorbent and has held up well to 2+ years worth of washings. The zipper and belt functionality are simply…

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