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O’Neill Wetsuits Psycho 3mm Double Lined Glove,Black, Medium

If your love of surfing requires gear that lets you hit the waves year-round, the DL Psycho 3mm Glove offers the protection and insulation needed for cooler conditions.

Product Features

  • External Seam Weld 100% Sealed
  • 100% Ultraflex DS Neoprene
  • Tacky Grip

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Cheremoya Beachwood says:

I love these

aroundlsu says:

High quality, warm, and flashy. I’m an underwater cameraman and used these in water temps ranging from the 40F – 80F and they held up well. As expected, water does leak in around the arm openings but not much. They are thick enough to keep my hands warm but I was still able to operate the camera and push buttons as needed. The grip is firm and secure. They only thing I don’t like about them if they are a little flashy and don’t exactly look professional, however with the O’neill Psycho line that’s kinda what you should expect…

Anonymous says:

I currently have some old Xcel mitten gloves that are around 5-7mm thick. It feels like surfing with 10lb dumbbells on each arm! I decided to go extra light this time around since the water where I live doesn’t get below 45 degrees. The gloves were a little snug, but I like my gear to feel a little tight.The product shipped and delivered very quickly. I took them out on my first session yesterday. The air temperature was 42 degrees and the guy next to me, without gloves, was doing…

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