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One Direction Surfing in Sydney to Celebrate North American Tour News!

The guys of One Direction celebrate big news with a day at the beach! Hey there, I’m Karli Bulnes. Find out about the British-Irish boy band’s US invasion and see them surfing in today’s PopSugar Rush.

Two members of One Direction tried to hang 10 today. Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson wore wetsuits to paddle in the waves and try their hand at surfing at Manly Beach in Sydney, Australia, just two days after the entire boy band boarded a yacht for some shirtless fun in the sun. Even though cameras didn’t capture either singer standing upright on his board, 18-year-old Liam tweeted that 20-year-old Louis got up first and glided for 30 feet! The two were then greeted by excited fans as they made their way out of the water.

All five guys are making the most of their downtime down under before getting back to touring with a concert in Sydney tomorrow, and they just announced even more plans to perform.

“Hi guys, we’re really excited to announce our 2013 tour in North America.”

A special presale for those tickets will take place on Saturday. If you’re interested, you’ll have to act fast though — tickets to their concert at Madison Square Garden in December were released this week and sold out in just 10 minutes.

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EpicSurfNews says:

We have your surf right here

vaya z says:

i want to be next to you gyes

Ellie Platt says:

lets change karlis name to Louis and bulnes to bulge!! Louis' Bulge!!

Rebecca Bailey says:

Please come to knoxville tennessee

Bob Lalpa says:

They suck so bad at surfing… I started surfing when i was 10 and learnt in like 2 days without an instructor or anything

miechulek says:

haha louis has a boner :3

Kalijah Jones says:

Sold out in under 10 minutes!? Waaa get it 1D

Carlene Rolander says:

you know i would go into the waves and *pretend* to fall onto them then blame it on the waves 😉 hahahahah

Marie Fredriksen says:

okay good for you byebye

giant regrigerator says:

nope. but theyre shit at surfing and so is their music.

Kourtney Oldford says:

can everybody just shut up about staring at Louis ass what r u a fucking mental patient it is not like u are ever going to meet them so just shut the fuck up and be a human jesus

Lucy Byers says:

Do you really expect them to be able to after one lesson of surfing?

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