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Oakley Men’s GasCan Sunglasses,Polished Black Frame/Grey Lens,One Size

Sculpturally integrated hinge mechanisms with dual cam action

Product Features

  • Microfiber pouch included
  • Lightweight, stress resistant O Matter® frame material

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Paul D. Talley says:

Oakley Glasses Seems like a lot of the negative reviews are from people who didn’t “test drive” the glasses or do much research on the glasses before purchasing them. Oakleys are not cheap, by any means. They have a variety of glasses that serve different purposes and have different fits and lens shades. I have the polarized Straight Jackets and they fit me great. The Gascans, IMO, are more for a “fashion statement” as they had somewhat of a loose fit. They would not be well-suited for sports but would…

Rory Butler says:

I’m 205 lbs and stomped on them. They didn’t break. Superman’s shades? I usual don’t write product reviews but I feel like I have to after an incident today. Okay first off, I always assumed my oakleys were overpriced b/c who wants to spend this money on sunglasses unless your one of “those guys” that collects them. I’ve had them for about 9 months now and they’ve been pretty good. For some reason they were on the floor while I was frantic trying to get out the door and just destroyed them. I don’t mean i just lightly stepped I mean if there was a…

Weaver Jones says:

“Excellent Sun glasses” My Gascans arrived a couple of days ago. They looked even better in person than the pictures on amazon. I was very pleased when took them out the box. They came earlier than the vendor stated, would definately buy from this seller again. Perfect fit, very comfortable, and good coverage of sun blocking. I love the tint on the lense,they really brighten everything,and are great for cutting down on glare and contrast. The bronze is not to dark either. These are large and have somewhat bling…

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