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NRS Maverick Gloves BLACK M by Northwest River Supplies

220075BLKM Features: Keep your hands dry and protected with 2 mm Terraprene neoprene with titanium laminate adhesive to seal out moisture Preserve heat by keeping water out with water-tight LiquidSeam glued seams and neoprene HydroCuff that grips your arm snugly and keeps water out Get a solid grasp of objects with the textured Rawhide neoprene palm Specifications: Fabric: 100% 2 mm neoprene Sizing (hand width x length): 3 x 65 in (XSmall); 325 x 7 in (Small); 35 x 75 in (Medium); 375 x 775 in (Large); 4 x 8 in (XLarge); 45 x 85 in (XXLarge)

Product Features

  • 2-mm neoprene with titanium laminate adhesive provides plenty of warmth
  • LiquidSeam glued seams keep water out vastly increasing the warmth of this glove
  • The neoprene HydroCuff grips your arm, helping keep water out and warmth inside the glove
  • The Rawhide neoprene palm gives you awesome gripping ability
  • Raw neoprene top sheds water, greatly reducing evaporative cooling

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M. E. Jackson says:

No longer a paddler, but a farmer… and I love these These gloves were the answer to my every-winter problem of how to transport water to all our farm animals and not have my hands frozen off in the process. We have to deliver water to a few of the pastures when the creeks freeze over. Every winter, I dreaded this until I tried these gloves. They fit snugly, not impossibly so, and are a little tricky to take off (follow directions), but they keep my hands warm enough and dry like nothing else has. It is easy to unlatch gates, use a sledge hammer…

Drjoel says:

Perfect winter glove 0

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