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North Gear 6ft Foam Surfboard (Blue/Red)

North Gear has designed a colorful foam surfboard that measures six feet. The board can be assembled in rapid time, letting you get straight into the surf.

To ensure a stable construction, North Gear has gone with an EPE deck complimented by an EPS core. Down below, there is a polypropylene hard-slick bottom that allows for high-speed performance.

North Gear will also give you removable fins, leash, and traction pad, creating a surfboard that is ready to rock.


Durable foam top

EPE deck

EPS core

PP hard-slick bottom

Free leash and traction pad

Removable fins

Maximum rider weight: 100kg

Dimensions: 71.7in x 19.7in x 3in

Weight: 10.1lbs

Surfing can be incredibly affordable with this high-quality foam surfboard from North Gear. Make your order now!

Product Features

  • Durable foam top
  • PP hard-slick bottom
  • Free leash and traction pad
  • Removable fins
  • Dimensions: 71.7in x 19.7in x 3in

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West Coast Surf Mama says:

Not worth the price, and NOT for surfing! Wish I would have bought the soft-top board in the surf shop instead. This is garbage!!! The fins are thick heavy plastic, heavier than the board, which is about the same density and appearance as a styrofoam cooler. We bought this for our son’s birthday for him to practice standing up in a pool. Doubt this will last long at all. So fragile, and very tippy. It is also not a full 6 feet. As a surfer myself, I would never recommend this for sufing. Definitely designed more for looks than…

Poetry hunter says:

Great customer service… I purchased this surfboard for my 9 year old son on his birthday in May. Unfortunately, we didn’t put the fins on until August when we were going out to the beach to use the board and we noticed it was missing a fastener which secures one of the fins. I contacted the company and even though we were way beyond the 7 day return policy, they sent us a bunch of new fasteners so great customer service… As far as the board, my son loves it and had a blast out in the waves. Very affordable…

Nicole & Joanna says:

beginner an experienced suffers used the board in the same day held up fine. i went into rough waters wiped out and …

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