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Newport Beach, CA, Wedge Surf 20-25ft, 8/27/2014 – (1080p@60) – Part 5

Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200
Video: 1080p @60 fps (source)
Software: Adobe Primer Pro CS5

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William Javier says:

.that is some irritating music

Brian Corsetti says:

Soundtrack available on i-kooks.

Segismundo cerqueira neto says:

Essa onda é imperfeita! Merda de onda quebradeira.

Don Hancock says:

Must be as many fish in the water as surfers- look at all the seagulls!

ed fast says:

Still waiting to see anything near "20-25 feet"…..

rchancock says:

Wow 16:46 of that music felt like hours

Dave Price says:

Wow. First time I hated a video because of shitty music

Alain Plaza says:

c est quoi cette langue

TropoCal says:

Do yourself a favor; After one minute, hit mute……OMG the relief!

Geno Mitchalinni says:

One thing i remember about THE Wedge, were the whirl pools. You gotta catch the wave because of that. Gravels was safer…

jason woodbury says:

Ah the wedge nothing but a closeout.

jennifer alexis frees says:

10/30/2019 good ol' brea california usa at florida USA TODAY

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