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Near-Death experiences paddling out in HUGE waves

Big wave surfers get put in life-threatening situations like these and have to be ready for anything, including being held under water for extended periods of time while remaining calm.
These are just a few examples of what I’ve filmed during big wave swells.
Thanks for watching. I’m Brad Jacobson and I’ll sea ya on the sand.

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@user-vo1un1bf9f says:

Standard procedure. If you can’t do the time don’t do the crime

@user-th3ll8rl7i says:

Surfing has a mystique, especially for young guys. In the end it's overrated. All that work for 5 seconds of fun.

@RaniVeluNachar-kx4lu says:

Buy the meanest and longest leash known to mankind and just bail on those sets. Unless you are Nathan Florence who said you can duck dive just about anything except those Lip to Head events. I watched his video of them in the Azores and that was some unforgiving rocks to surf off of.

@matthewcartner583 says:

No commentary = cool

@robertreis6177 says:

Try doing that at Nazare' , Portugal

@jonobester5817 says:

That's gotta be one helluva rush just making it over the top and down the back side.

@mohammedm2362 says:

that arrow could be a little bit bigger cuz its hard to see

@anitahay5556 says:

The music is more scary lol

@z-kolt5298 says:

I like how they make it all menacing, lmao those surfers probably meditating underwater🤣🤣

@bushkey says:

nice music, lol

@Gilliganfrog says:

Why do most of these guys wait until the wave is breaking ON TOP OF THEM before they start diving? As soon as I see that the wave is going to break in front of me I dive deep asap so that when the impact happens, it's at the surface several feet above my head… while I'm literally hugging the bottom, clinging to whatever I can find down there until the wave passes. Thus I have yet to go over the falls on a wave of consequence. 🌊

@mrdcato says:

That's bananas. I'll just sit and watch from over here.😳

@user-bn3ed4db3b says:

It sux when you have to ditch your board in whitewater and all of a sudden you get dragged backwards into the line-up getting a sand enima..😢

@ThisisearthOK says:

love the music

@lucasalvarez6724 says:

Great vid. Where is this?

@ChickenJoe-tq6xd says:

The eery music is dumb

@lauriecarter8931 says:

Wow great vid mate ouch ovre the falls !!

@gee-k164 says:

🌊yeeep,all i could think about was AAAir🤙🏽🏴‍☠️♠️

@user-ke6uu2so1u says:

All the lefts look like Blacks 🌊

@HoStevie says:

Green surfboard was never heard from again 💀

@macpittman8006 says:

F'n nightmare fuel.

@whisper7637 says:

I've found during a trip over the falls or springboarding out of the whitewater briefly, as long as I'm calm, I seem to get a breathe without expectation. Either that or just bloody lucky

@QU1RKONE says:

I will be waking up gasping for air later tonight.

@brittseverence7221 says:

Kamikaze surfers. Looks like a big day at mavericks. A few good men.

@tomiday66 says:

I just hate it when that big black arrow points at me out there. Scares the shit outta me!

@EweCantHandletheTruth says:

lol….reminds me of my first time in Puerto Escondido. Had the best sleep of my life paddling for my life for about 8 hours 😂

@randyvaughn4046 says:

Incredible how many surfers surf big waves now. Bock little, Derrick donner, Rodger Erickson, Ken Bradshaw, mark foo, and a few of the top professional surfers, owl Chapman, were the ones when I was surfing the north shore in the early 90’s. Now Waimea looks like Malibu or rincon. A lot more dangerous these days.

@F3502000 says:

That happened to me at Huntington Beach in '83. Held down so long I actually gave up, which saved my life because I somehow popped up and got a breath before the next wave hit.

@MarkPryor1 says:

The dude at 2:28 got a much worse than anybody else and you didn't even point him out

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