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Starring two of best big wave surfers on the planet. Lucas Chumbo and Sebastian Steudtner riding what would be some of the biggest waves ever ridden.
3 days in February 2024 that will go down as historic.

Shot mostly with my Red V Raptor at 6 & 8K.

Lucas Chumbo – towed by Alemao De Maresias
Sebastian Steudtner towed by Eric Rabiera


Special Thx to Xtra footage courtesy

& Yunes Khader

& Barena Film Sport

Drone Yunes Khader & Joannes Hertel

and Jake Smith..

Thanks to Martin Schricke from Uprising

And Nuno Santos for driving me and putting me in the spot to get the shot.

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@frankdetremaudan2665 says:


@russe19642 says:

Im no surfer,but this breaks on itself above halfway. Still massive curl,but its not a slab wave right? That would be terrific

@alemkanaly says:

Музыки не нужно, а шум волеы того океана лучше

@thefadedpixel says:

Great footage but aweful audio choices.

@NubiaZamora-vb3ry says:

Ostia,tio que impresionante esos tios son unicos saben lo que hacen tomando esas increibles olas. Aqui la naturaleza vibra en nazare. Bello lugar.

@lindapettibone9042 says:

Beautiful waves and awesome ride🏄‍♀️🤙

@jonathanporter5223 says:

A triple backflip?!! Noice!

@Mar--Mar says:

Stunning footage, loved the play of light on the waves.

@LuisAguilarJr.-ie7ny says:

😮 freaking crazy brah.i got sea sick watching those huge I mean huge waves roll in. Great 😃 job .

@skyfeetcrypto899 says:

oh purpose, 22.40,to 25.2-.. peak surfing, who ae your films=ers.. englisi respomse si vou plait?

@mm2024-7 says:

Disagree… Not Nearly as Big as it gets!
Had to turn sound off to watch this. Too much babble noises in the background

@mikel92009 says:

Why ruin the video with your shite selection of music?

@volleyballeret says:

Danke für die wunderbaren Aufnahmen, einfach beeindruckend ; 30:30 ich war dabei (auf der Besucherplattform 🙂 ); Die Video-Drohnen haben mich beeindruckt

@sebastianstarr1960 says:

Wow…. I have to be honest you guys that are surfing such enormous waves….you have a lot of balls. Insanity? When does it sink in when you know your riding down something so big the ocean can throw at you and instead of it hammering you down into the trough like a rag doll, you roll out over the crest of two waves that converge into one? It must be extremely rough riding these monster swells. I'm am more than impressed just seeing how the waves funnel up thru the canyon and unleash the fury. I'd pity anyone who goes out there without a clue what he or she got themselves into. A world of shit be best way to describe it I guess. To the top surfers Sebastian and Chumba correct me if I made an error on your names, congrats to you both on breaking records and all the power to you to catch a ride on bigger waves. Be safe out there everyone of you that go out and brave this element to bring us some amazing feats by surfing some of the gnarliest waves that even Sean Penn (Spicolli) wouldn't even attempt to surf. My hats off to anyone who risks everything he has to be an amazing athlete and take it beyond the edge of human craziness. Awesome everyone and thanks to everyone that keeps these men safe out there and those behind the scene as well the numerous people flying the drones to bring us this footage. Wow. Just… wow!!! Wow!!! Guts and glory all rolled into each wave you surf and come out safe. Be safe always but enjoy what you guys do best that's why your all number 1 on that day in that swell. Nobody comes in second place.

@longlegs7881 says:

Wow! It's like watching a rolling mountain tumble over! And a guy (or girl) on a toothpick trying to roll with it! I think the guys on jet skies were just as impressive as surfers!

@intresectcoffee733 says:

Thanks Tim! @noiseartmark see you again next year in Nazaré 🌊

@steveturnipseed2425 says:

Missed it by one…F***ING day… Perpendicular gale force winds chopped the waves when I arrived. But the south beach had huge shore breaks, which were fun to watch.

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