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Nazare – BOMB SWELL – Friday 8th December – Shot 8K Red V Raptor

The Sebastian Show.
A lot of hype on this swell so I decided to wack together the better waves from today Friday 8th December. It was not the biggest waves but the 20,000 plus spectators got to see a really good show mostly staring Sebastian Steudtner. Enjoy
PS – Excuse the specs of dust that must have got on my camera censor before shooting..


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@Ballsyone says:

The chop along the face of the swell is tough enough to make you wipe out not counting the millions of pounds of water waiting to break you in half if the chop gets you!!! HAHAHAHAAAA!!! AWESOME STUFF!!!

@HOT-jf4zl says:

Evandro Mesquita tá em todas!!!!!

@skbnvacaville says:

Hey…. Don’t talk to me about “the essence of surfing”! 🙄🫤🤔If your ass can surf even one of those monster waves you deserve to be there!😂😂😂

@skbnvacaville says:

I wanna move to Nazaré so much. I cannot imagine a greater way to spend the rest of my life than to stare at 80-100 foot waves all the time. THINK OF THE HEALING IONS!!! 🤸🏻‍♂️🤸🏻‍♂️🤸🏻‍♂️

@didymostruespeal says:

i think that inflation air should be usable. To that point a you tuber made a video called mini 007 scuba… in this video he devises a way to charge co2 cannister with compressed air!!! That means you could as a last ditch effort breathe from your vest…Safety guys please check it out

@xthebumpx says:

Even mid Nazare days are still insane

@ennis314314 says:

i love crazy people……..lovenluckfrom ireland

@chinolo44 says:

i was there

@BartvanderMark says:

Multiple sensor filth spots in the image, too bad! Make sure you clean the sensor.

@retepeknarf says:

Lots of courage and skill, but zero grace or beauty – which obviously cannot unfold under such conditions. Every ride looks the same-boring to watch !

@TLTPhotography says:

Amazing shots but somebody please clean their sensor for them! 😉

@dominicwood3750 says:

I can’t comment on surf culture but surely the act of riding there must be more important than bragging rights

@fabianasensio1168 says:

Why does this wave appear so bumpy?

@wheelie63 says:

good tunes.

@jonzfilms says:

Yellow then red just ramp some air on take off. Lol 😅 insane. Pure fire. High end sportsman. Watermen. Great film. Loved the sound track. Just need some wild trax tbh. Add that extra spice..

@thomasroney8147 says:

RIP to the mad dogs ripper Mario……..great waves o great…

@anjoyplanet says:

What an amazing excellent job you did ALL ❤❤❤
I was lucky enough to choose ONE MONTH BEFORE the 6 to 10 december to stay in NAZARE and it was really for me the BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT EVER !!!
Thank's a lot for these wunderfull images ❤❤❤

@analuisahering2043 says:

Downright biblical….

@ricardogarcia3273 says:


@krisburke1712 says:

love the videos.. I live in fabulous Nazare but can't bring myself to watch the surfers until I know they survived, hence videos are much appreciated.. brave bunch

@hagridthehymer says:

Fab video 👍We were there on the lighthouse on this day, it was amazing, been on my bucket list for a very long time, we were so stoked that Nazarè delivered 🌊😎👍

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