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Nazaré BIGGEST Swell of the Year

Nazaré Big Wave Surf 2020
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Video Produced for @gigantesdenazare
Here’s a video of the biggest swell of the season so far.

Edited by @Ben de Sá / @luisbendesa / @abovecreators
Filmed by @Ben de Sá /@luisbendesa / @abovecreators

Copyright © 2020, Ben de Sá, all rights reserved
Surfers: Lucas Chumbo, Kai Lenny, Ian Walsh, Toby Cuningham
Thumbnail Photo: Vitor Estrelinha
Location: Praia do Norte, Nazaré – Portugal
Date: 2020.Feb.17
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The footage in this video is protected by copyright. To use or obtain a licence for the footage on this video for news articles, social networks, editorial pieces, TV broadcast or in a commercial player, please first contact me.

Ben de Sá


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saggysouls says:

Ima lil late do I still get a heart tho 👉👈

Bram Groen says:

well well, that's quite a swelll!

Vean Oosthuizen says:

Who is going to be that guy that makes a video with a drone "drone guys its your time to shine "🤣🤣

Eat Plants says:

Who's the band on the music ?

Marbles says:

Fantastically edited!

Nick Blake says:

why dont they wear a mini oxygen tank so they dont die…or somethin. This is adrenaline Mentall illness lol, just like free climing and playing russian roulet….

Javier Rodriguez Rodriguez Rodriguez says:

The streak left behind them are their balls hitting the water. casuals thinks is the surf fins.

Conner flips and tricks says:

I’m commenting cuz when I look back I’ll see bout pandemic /corona virus 🦠…wow they even made a corona virus 🦠 emoji!

K. P. says:

I want to come visit this spectacle for myself!
What month(s) of the year offers the biggest waves?

Lilbebee07 says:

OMG…as a weather nerd, the true power of that system to be able to produce those winds winds like….COMING FROM THE SHORE!!!!……is so fascinating to me

Lilbebee07 says:

I have to say I was def watching the jet skis trail ahead of the wave. They’re the lifeline for those guys when shit hits the fan, and losing line of sight from the surfer has to be one of the most nerving feelings ever

Sérgio Antunes says:

acabei de partilhar este vídeo com colegas da Holanda!!! magnifico!!Conseguimos saber de quem é a música?Muito obrigado

Callme Ishmael says:

Music is annoying. It makes it hard to concentrate on what I'm looking at. I turned off the sound.

Russell Scott says:

The sea was angry that day my friends.

Carlos Augusto Soeiro Athayde says:

of course it would be real easy to lose the gear, but it would be nice to have some footage of dropping one of those waves with a GoPro attached to the surfers head

Rana Ammar says:

This was even better high waves nazare

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