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Nazaré Big Wave Tow Surfing Challenge RECAP

It was a monumental day in Portugal as the Nazare Tow Surfing Challenge Presented by Jogos Santa Casa went off in 40- to 50-foot surf.
19 of the most elite big wave surfers were paired up in tow teams to battle it out in a six-hour, no-elimination expression session.
In a new format, where winners were judged by their fellow competitors at an athlete reception afterwards, the Rides of the Day went to Kai Lenny and Justine Dupont.
The Best Team award went to the “Young Bulls” — comprised of KAI Lenny and Lucas “Chumbo” Chianca.
And finally, the well-earned Commitment Award went to the badass, hard-working Water Safety Team.

Featuring surfing from Kai Lenny, Alex Botelho, Andrew Cotton, Maya Gabeira, Sebastian Steudtner, Pedro Scooby, Rodrigo Koxa, Benjamin Sanchis, Francisco Porcella, Axier Muniain, and Justine Dupont.

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Indo Surfer says:

Ask Kai Lenny how good he is, he’ll tell you

L G says:

Incredible, really.

Blues Records says:

Ever catch yourself yelling at the screen like it’s going to make a difference? Just wondering because that what I was just doing with this vid. So funny. “Watch out….get out of there…holy sh#t.”….as if the surfers could hear me.

look my Quemener says:

C est du très très lourd gros méchant pour moi c est le plus gros

dagda3000 says:

The Steudtner ride was beast

Francelina Camilo says:

This is amazing but very dangerous I don't understand how this guys put their lives in so much dangerous way

Ryan Lion Jedi ri says:

Aaahhhhhhhh charrrrrrrggggeeee ✊️💪👍. ®🦁

Hunter Hannemann says:

Not sure which is bigger the waves or Kai lennys balls

ThugOne says:

Been There …Feeling was Sikk! Nazare! Respect to All Warerman! Pescadores and Culture!

Thomas O'Connor says:

What TF Kai Lenny on the first wave with the flips, 360, and the elevator drop…This guy either has rocks in his head or is a sea turtle.

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