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Nazare Big Wave Surfing from drone November 12, 2019 4k

Huge waves finally begin to show up in Nazare for 2019. Drone compilation of big waves throughout the day. 4k video.

Contact for licensing, full clips of each run available.

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Jorge suarez says:

El Atántico es bestial


Amazing 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

mdo686 says:

5:03 Almost a mid-air collision with another drone.

Pedro Gordinho says:

Just the color of the water scares.

drone nut says:

Cool vid man

Lucien Ginoux says:

Nazare…… Le truc le plus fou qu'un surfer est jamais vu. Même Jaws fait pitié à coté. Gloire à Poséidon!

Tae gun says:

This footage getting better and better, I would love to go there I'm from Belgium so Portugal is sure not that far by way of speaking … Just to watch the waves ahhaha not riding that even I wish but cannot even stand on a board lol….

Manaviecreations says:

Loved the drone perspective! Mahalo

careystuart says:

It not a particularly rideable wave ( as in long rides) it's just the size of two city block and as tall as a 40 story building…that's all…gremmies may want to pass on that wave.

Juliano Timm says:

Tudo com medo da onda

Acrux_Van says:

Increíble Video increíbles olas nazare impresionante

Eduardo Rojas says:

respect to the drone operator here as well, those huge waves could easily taken down the drone when making such close shots! And also dealing around other drones as well like at 5:05

Joel Nawty says:

Drones make this so good to watch.

Henrique Lino says:

Song name anyone?

Rad Con says:

No drones were hurt during the filming of the show

surfdogdude says:

It doesn't look that big from the angle of the drone.

Guanacritico 503 says:

WOW! Beyond limtis, how beautiful our Mother Nature is. 🤔

Nice! video and thanks for sharing..

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