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NAZARE 05 NOVEMBER – HUGE, CROWDED AND STORMY! #nazaresurf #hugeday #05november

November the 5th was another day for the books! Huge waves arrived to Praia do Norte in Nazare, Portugal. It was a special day, but not only because of it waves! Today was the first HUGE day of the season and many of the surfers were out for a mission in diferent places around the globe to receive this XXL Swell.
So the lineup wasn’t as crowded as usual, were it was really crowded today was at the cliff, were more than 5.000 people were standing under the intermittent rain watching the few surfers trying to get some bombs in stormy conditions.
Waves were over 60ft coming from every direction, the inside was as hard as it gets to navegate and the cliff was like being in a Rolling Stones concert!
As always, I let you here a Raw edit, with no music so you can enjoy a real ambient experience!

#nazaresurf #bigwaves #surf #05november

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Thomas Haffner says:

EINMAL durch diese Wellen tauchen 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

mr. Aq says:

i missed this only by 6 days 🙂 🙂

ronkirk50 says:

Nazare never disappoints. Big wave riding at its' best!

Weather and climate change effects PT says:

Amazing as always!
We were there 2 days before that, when the waves of storm Ciarán peaked, it was amazing! It's always amazing to record those massive waves!

Ophir Kutiel says:

I was there that day :))

Robert Thomas says:

Impressive and repetitive surf 💦

joao saraiva says:

The giant waves of Nazare normally happen between October and March, however for them to happen, some factors will be necessary such as a storm in the Full Ocean, wind factor and then the Nazare Canyon (underwater canyon with approximately 237km and its maximum depth goes up to 5km). There are wave forecast websites, with forecasts of up to 10/12 days. For those who live in Portugal and/or Europe, it is easier to plan.

Domingo Martinez says:

Esos venezolanos filmando. Saludos desde Noia Galicia

m ej says:

it hasnt got big yet, this is just the warm up.

Scott says:

This little video shows that we have zero control over mother nature.

Надежда Анищенко says:

Can you see such waves often in Nazare, or is it rare?

André says:

Nazaré's waves have nothing to do with storms! It's the rocky shape of the seabed (funnel shape) that makes these waves.

Brendon says:

They have super tubes I'm so jealo

Jonas Kloster says:

Great footage! Me and my friends where there on the same day. Truly an unforgettable experience. Would love to see what the massive drone captured!

Jeff Wezel says:

Amazing😍 We were there as well on the 5th but didn’t see any surfers, what time was this recorded?

Mat Hammond says:

Insane – absolutely nuts 🙃

Wasabi Ginger says:

Nasty conditions!

Camp David says:

I’d rather listen to crap music in the background than idle banter

João Pinto Correia says:

Monsters waves.

João Pinto Correia says:

Ocean wild.

Jacqui Smith Watson says:

How do we see the drone footage? It was right out in the middle of it!

premek homola says:

Good job man! I hate the screaming people.

GuitarWithBrett says:

I saw wembayama skim boarding it

Mike Williams says:

Does anyone know how many people have died at this spot

Hugo Levy Aragonês says:


rusco peeko says:

No human should be out there 😅 So sick!!

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