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Nathan Florence’s Impossible Paddle-in Wave at Teahupoo

Not since the late great Andy Irons has a single ride at Teahupo’o generated so much chatter along the coconut wire. This wave — this ridiculously big, thick, wide and… basically impossible wave — has officially launched Nathan Florence into the annals of surfing history. At least as far as Kelly Slater, Sebastian Zietz and anyone else who witnessed the feat in person is concerned. Which makes perfect sense, as Seabass pointed out: “He’s a Florence.” (Read an interview with Nate about the wave right here. )

We can’t predict the future, but chances are you’re probably not going to see another ride this incredible for a very long time.
Video: Tim Bonython @swellchasers

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David Walker says:

How the hell did he make that?

Tyg Rahof says:

The most heart wrenching 5 seconds of anyone's life!

Luiz Henrique says:

Loucura total!

Rod Templar says:

how the F did he stay on the board!

Joe Felice says:

9 thumbs down.  Strange.

Milton Gomes Teixeira says:


etotheroc43 says:

This is the greatest ride I've ever seen. Admittedly, I ain't seen many, but damn, man. Damn.

Bryan Borgesano says:

so unreal omg

TheZacdes says:

WOW, excellent drop!! Well surfed!!

s kim says:

Scary to think what would have happened if he didn't nail the take-off. That wave had pain written all over it.

John Surf says:

That is what freestyle surfing is all about,that was wild!!!!!!!

mpfilgueiras says:


Roger Wilde says:

Pls set up a account – I want to show my appreciation in $$$ – gawddamnawful drop-in!  I am not worthy!!!

josh owen says:

your a savage bro. so sick. has to be the biggest paddle in teahupoo.

David Kearns says:

Whatever black magic he had to perform in those 3 seconds where he was in the spit…

Chris Harding says:

No wonder he has such a wide stance. It's to accommodate his giant nut sack!!! Bravo dude!

Tamatoa Marama says:

Perfect 10 point

thriftdig says:

Watched many times…shaking my head as to how that last guy poked thru that wave… or did he go over?

Julio Perez says:


dfhdgnsdfb odfgi says:

9 brazzo filth dislike this video haha

Captain Nobache says:

Pure magic :)

Michael Gray says:

this popped up on facebook the other day and i must've watched it a good 30 times. such a good wave and SUCH a gnarly ride. he gets so high up into that wave, it gets me so gassed every time!!!!!!

Conrad Tips says:

In most waves the surfer begins his decent into the wave from the top of the wave, but here the surfer must begin to descend at the 1/2 way portion or it would become a air drop or worse a lip launch with the resulting hammer driving the nail into waiting reef effect.

petrusmalk says:

Who the fucking the hell could dislike it?

Melanie Renee says:

These Florence kids were certainly BORN with this talent. I watch all 3 in amazement. Nathan, that was def the wave of a lifetime! Congrats!

hweenmask says:

best big wave ride ive seen

Kyle Bone says:

how is that NOT wave of the year right there?

Evan Robel says:

0:39 i thought for sure he was going over the falls.

Gary Gallagher says:


Jordan Johnston says:

somebody got laid that evening.

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