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Maya Gabeira's DEATH DEFYING Surf Story | Throwback | Unstoppable

TBT: On October 29, 2013, big-wave surfer Maya Gabeira made news as the biggest surf story of the year. When one of the largest swells to date had hit Nazaré, off the coast of Portugal, surfers from around the globe made their way to conquer these massive waves — including big names like Maya Gabiera and Carlos Burle. Charging the biggest wave ever surfed by a woman to date, Maya almost drowned. What came out of this death defying moment was a life-changing experience and a powerful story of resilience that still remains with the surfing world.

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ruth santos says:

You’re so amazing!


WOW!!! AWSOME LADY!!! She would pass foe Daisy Fuentes sister or daughter!! GOD BLESS you Maya G.

Alain Franzolini says:

Water is hostile for humans, even surfers.

nicola lamberti says:

Fast forward 2020 she rode the highest wave ever for a woman 72 ft.. this woman has some balls!

Rey Vas says:

Wow she has an amazing spirit good for you Maya

Striker says:

Was that wave like 35 feet? Because I can't swim since im a honcho peice of bread

Everyone loves Bianka says:

why hasn’t this blew up yet? such an amazing story.

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