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Mavericks: Most Dangerous Wave in the World with Nic Lamb


Professional big wave surfer, Nic Lamb, sits down with The Surf Channel to talk about one of the most dangerous breaks in the world. Mavericks, in Half Moon Bay, California, attracts the most dedicated big wave surfers to her unforgiving swells every year. Lamb describes his fear of the ocean and just what keeps him coming back for more!

Footage courtesy of Josh Pomer. Watch the trailer for his newest film here:

Produced and Directed by Selma Al-Faqih
Edited by Jason Alexander

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canadianbacon007 says:


untiltheend says:

Why is Mavericks so dangerous? What makes it one of the most dangerous in the world?

Sean Ryan says:

this isnt even the most dangerous wave in california let alone the world. its still one of the most dangerous no doubt, but most dangerous? nah. Ghost Tree is more dangerous in California and there are other random waves in Central California that break right near the cliffs like Shipsterns, but I havent seen them ridden yet.

Austin Ocampo says:

Absolutely insane!! 

Ag TwoX (AngieBraaaapppp) says:

Great vid! My big monster was in Tahiti…

Vitor Ferreira says:


Hanno Rosner says:

It was 78 ft not 100…

no says:

number of deaths maybe?

jamesrofl1 says:

I wonder who was the first person to think this is a good idea to pass the time.

Filipe Sousa says:

just come to Portugal…Nazare beach (canyon)

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