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Maverick Moments Presents The 100: Episode 1

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Maverick Moments Presents The 100: Episode 1 — An Introduction: The Risks And Rewards of Big Wave Surfing at Mavericks & Puerto Escondido

An introduction to big wave surfing and two of its athletes who have committed their lives to the sport. Nic Lamb and Andres Flores take a trip to Puerto Escondido to chase a big swell while we learn the incredible details of big wave surfing straight from the athletes themselves.

Featuring interviews with Shane Dorian, Shawn Dollar, Derek Dunfee, and Shane Desmond, and of course epic waves from the legendary surf spots Mavericks & Puerto Escondido.

Maverick Moments Presents The 100: Episode 1

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Chris Altamirano says:

What's the name of the song from 4:10 to 4:52???

Fizzy Pop says:

Love this video.

ThegoldBox - aqw and more says:

if i was the guy at 6:00 i would shit my pants

clarkewi says:

Go Mavericks Crew! Winter is on the way.

Elysium says:


Israel Narvaez says:

tracklist please

ejmac11 says:

Man where are the subtitles for this spanish guy? I can't understand anything he's saying, & I'm better than most peopl at picking up english with bad accents.

deftonesasu says:

wow, one of my biggest fears in life actually occurs at 6:00 

brobdj says:

okay, just seen it.. "Girl Like You" – Fritz Montana

brobdj says:

Anyone know the name of that track at 07:00 !!! Wow!!! 😀

Elijah Crowell says:

Good Job Boys and Girls!!

Miranda Winterz says:


Morgan White says:

Sick! Can't wait for everything to go XXL in episode two!!

Jonkay Dub says:

nice format!

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