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MASSIVE MAVERICKS HIGHLIGHTS: Biggest Swell of the Year 12.28.2023 FULL EDIT – Mavericks Awards

Watch highlights from the historic swell that slammed Half Moon Bay on December 28th, 2023. The bravest big wave surfers gathered at Mavericks on the biggest day we’ve seen in years to get a piece of the action. Big thanks to all the videographers involved in this production!

Footage by: Euan Rannachan, Jack Sandler, Michael Darrigade, Drake Stanley, Pedro Bala, Daniel Gorostieta
Edit: Euan Rannachan

The Mavericks Awards is a digital video performance contest in which big wave surfers and videographers submit their best surf content from Mavericks from the entire winter season. Founded by Jeff Clark and Chris Cuvelier, our mission is to celebrate Mavericks and the brave men and women that surf it. Our values of community, respect, inclusion, equality, safety and environmental stewardship guide all our decisions and how we operate the Mavericks Awards.

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@michaelditto5469 says:

Holy crap that’s a big wave

@NizineToFizive says:

Seeing these guys do this is on my bucket list

@julierussell4316 says:

I wonder as Fukushima continues to heat up the Pacific, if we will see more of these events?

@davidlovett3077 says:

No words can do this justice… it's got to be an unbelievable feeling to conquer something like this!!! I love the movie Chasing Mavericks… it's nice to see them still being chased!!! I would have liked to have heard more ocean. Thanks.

@krisromo455 says:

This is rad. I love my hood and this right here is the main reason i moved here; the surf culture. 🤙 🏄 Watching this was an adrenaline rush.

@itsherbiehancock7974 says:

I'm at Nazare right now. Waves are about 20-25 foot. I'm tempted to go in after missing the swell in my hometown in San Diego a few weeks ago that hit 20 feet.

@rodkoehler says:

IMHO, riding big waves like this is the greatest of all athletic feats.

@lauraMan2009 says:

This is the most amazing Mavericks video EVER!!!!

@whitneymatalone9458 says:

That last vid in the fade out🔥

@claudettejones8516 says:

So amazing to watch ( their poor moms though ugh 😩 scary , but so awesome)👏🏻😎❤️

@frankbaleto5908 says:

Great Job Gentlemen. awesome shots. Thank you.

@dondoyle8474 says:

I never surfed but love watching and remember going to mavericks when I was younger and watching.
Back in the seventies.

@markk9772 says:

Serious waves just north of Mavericks (on this clip), is that surfable?

@Dosindapendence says:

These dudes are nuts mavericks is insane cold dark with alot of great whites around you have to have balls!! I fish all around the monterey bay SC HMB,SAN FRAN and i would never get in that water!! i seen swells or waves out there 60 footers you are on another level surfing these,oahu when i went also had some big waves but the water is warm and clear that i would do its something about that dark ice cold water at mavericks that makes me nervous!!

@sandyzelasko6615 says:

I am in awe!

@srf2112 says:

That monster bowl they're pulling into is the outside peak on more regular big Mavericks days. That is so heavy.

@cmeride79 says:

Mahalos NUI for this great footage of Mavericks! Lookin' a little bit more like Makaha, we don't get to see this, EVER, unless we actually paddle out or live in the 'hood. I so appreciate the video – please, keep it coming whenever you can! Many thanks again. Hele on & stay safe: luv, a surfer girl from Kailua, Oahu.

@MegaVince09 says:

I knew that was the Lenny brothers with the airs and grabs🤟💪🙌

@sumyungguy6818 says:

Man do these guys have balls!

@kadeem7517 says:

So is this the "HBO" camera crew I heard about?

@happychappy7115 says:

These monsters had proper wall to them not just the usual peak then slush

@DG-ej5nz says:

Damn! Just amazing….

@michaelp8856 says:

Awesome thanks! you just helped clear out some of my winter gloom here on the east !

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