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M Essentials Wetsuit and Drysuit Shampoo

Use Wetsuit and Drysuit Shampoo by M Essentials on booties, gloves, fishing waders, LYCRA body wear, and of course, wetsuits and drysuits. Our Wetsuit and Drysuit Shampoo works fast to remove organic residues like algae and bacteria, plus chlorine and salt deposits—so your neoprene gear smells fresher, stays supple and lasts much longer. Part of the McNett family of brands, M Essentials features an assortment of reliable products designed to repair and maintain the life of water sports gear. For over three decades McNett has been providing you with the Essentials for Adventure.

Product Features

  • Quality field tested to help you in during your outdoor situations
  • Easy to use and transport
  • Built for the most extreme situations
  • Wetsuit cleaner and conditioner for watersports gear; works fast to remove algae, bacteria, chlorine, and salt
  • Neoprene gear smells fresher, stays supple and lasts longer
  • Leaves articles free of organic residue, chlorine and salt deposits; prevents premature aging and oxidation
  • Safe for use on wetsuits, drysuits, booties, gloves, fishing waders, LYCRA body wear and more.
  • Made in USA

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Michael Trotman says:

Defunkify your wetsuit I don’t know about yours, but after a couple of weeks of wear and rinse my wetsuit starts to smell like a cross between a wet dog and dead opossum road kill. Neoprene is not supposed to be washed with laundry soap because the ingredients break down the seam seals and degrade the neoprene. This is the best solution – simply put your wetsuit in the washing machine with a couple of caps of Wetsuit Shampoo and be sure to set it for the “gentle” or “hand wash” cycle. It comes out smelling like a…

Byron Taylor says:

Does what it says 0

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