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Longboard Surfing Mr Rodgers | Sunny Californian Hang Ten

Mick Rodgers takes his new Bing model (aka ‘Mr Rodgers’) for a spin in sunny California, with sounds from Walt Grizzy… Filmed by Ruwac Productions (
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Surfer: Mick Rodgers
Music: ‘Walt grizzly’ song ‘evening roor’.
Additional Water Shots: C.Sutton & M.Rodgers

A Ruwac Productions
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Jack Ewing says:

Sick video, but did anyone notice the massive bird going in the water a 1:12?

Enzio Schoffer says:

Great edits. Simply put, a quality video.

bill bellychik says:

great music video

大森寛之 says:


johng813 says:

Nice vid, cheers from Del mar???

unclejack123 says:

surfer: nervous like Dewey Weber…..splash: Brown Pelicans…….sound track: thanks mute…….

hithere says:

What beach is this?

Magicmike57 says:


Ben Polson says:

1:12 is that a bird? so sick. Real nice footwork man!

Maitê Fernanda Rocha de Campos says:

what falls into the sea about 1 minute and 10 seconds ? anyone notice? a person?

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