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Lightweight Compression Dry Bag with Shoulder Strap and High Quality Roll Top Closure System. Waterproof Floating Gear Sack for Boating, Kayaking, Fishing, Rafting, Camping, Hiking, and Rafting.

Remember that feeling of exhaustion that was felt when you realize you need to carry a heavy dry sack loaded with a few items while kayaking, boating, traveling, camping, and hiking? Has the weight of it made you fatigued? Imagine how it would be if your dry bag was not only lightweight and durable, but could also protect your belongings from water, dirt, sand, and dust, and at a reasonable price. Well, look no further, here is your Best Choice! Your Brand New Dry Bag is the perfect size and highest quality on the market. Big enough to keep safe all of your gear or personal belongings for a day of rafting or exploration. When your personal stuff is inside our Dry Sack, you know you are covered from nature’s elements. Our products are crafted from the finest materials available. Light and versatile, our dry bags are state of the art, Pure Grade Y7 .5mm thick 500D (Denier Density) WATERPROOF Polymer. This material is designed to be tough enough to help prevent abrasions, punctures, tears, and whatever else the harshest environments may throw at it. The beauty of this material is how soft and flexible it remains, while being this strong. Even on a frozen arctic day this bag is still pliable and easy to manipulate. No-Risk hassle free lifetime money back guarantee! If you for any reason are unhappy with your purchase, contact us for a no questions asked full refund. Are you ready to keep all your gear safe from dirt, water, dust, and natures other elements? Protect your belongings now and add our Waterproof Bags to your “Cart” by using the “Add to Cart” feature on the top right corner of your screen.

Product Features

  • Never deal with heavy or stiff dry bags again! Our 2 Pack of 340 oz and 680 oz (10L and 15L) dry sacks made of premium lightweight material is your answer. They stay soft and flexible even in the coldest weather. Large and luxurious, these bags ensure toughness and comfort.
  • Ultratough non-rip material with double-stitched, sealed seams and scrim-reinforced vinyl bottom to ensure maximum water resistance.
  • Keep your items dry and protected! Afraid of water leaking while enjoying the fun of kayaking, boating, hunting, camping or even hiking? Well you don’t have to now. Our dry bag using great solid roll top closure seal system will keep anything you put inside dry and it floats, too!
  • Removable and adjustable shoulder strap -Compression dry sack comes with an extra-long shoulder sling for easy carry and transport. Take it anywhere and everywhere.
  • Please Note: Bags are not meant to be submerged. If you plan on using this as a waterproof bag for a cellphone, camera, or any other kind of electronics, we recommend using another layer of protection.

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Linda Ludwig says:

VERY nice waterproof dry bags these were a perfect gift for my daughter who does a ton of outdoor activities including hiking, paddleboarding and kyacking. The bags are sturdy without being heavy. very easy to use and you get two sizes! The colors are nice and the only reason this didn’t get a full 5 star rating is that there is only one strap included. If two straps were included, this would be a home run of a product! Overall I am very happy with my purchase of these dry bags. My daughter loves them and the full…

bleaum says:

Excellent quality multipurpose bag set! We live on the beach, and these dry bags have proven invaluable for protecting our things from the sand and surf.What I like best about these bags, though, is that it is a set of 2- making it easy for us to separate and differentiate different items in each bag. I also like we can take it (one or both) tubing with us and it is big enough to carry all of our things, eliminating the need for the many backpacks we use to bring; and it literally keeps everything dry as a bone! I…

Natalie P. says:

Great for Hiking, Camping, Outdoor Activities and Amusement Parks The NativeWest Lightweight Dry Bag Sacks works great to keep my phone, clothes, camera, money and other important items dry while I’m participating in outdoor activities. The bag works great while I’m boating and has kept my stuff dry while camping, hiking and in the rain. I have used them while at amusement parks and don’t know what I would have don’t without the convenient bags to keep my belongings dry and protected. I received two bags with detachable shoulder straps in blue and a more…

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