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Laura Enever Sets New GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ Title for Largest wave surfed paddle-in (female)

Laura Enever’s Record-Setting Ride Measured at 43.6 Feet (13.3 Meters).

Laura Enever, who is 31 years old and from North Narrabeen, Australia, successfully surfed a wave measuring 43.6 feet (13.3 meters) from trough to crest at Outer Reef, the big-wave break on the North Shore of Oahu, on January 22, 2023.

“I knew it was big when I paddled into it and then when I took off I looked down and I knew it was definitely the biggest wave I’ve ever caught,” said Enever. “I knew it was the wave of my life, the whole way it all came together and the way I committed, backed myself, told myself to go, and trusted I could do it. The ride was such a breakthrough for me and a moment that will be really special and monumental in my surf career. To get awarded this months later is really cool, I can’t believe it.

“I would never be in this position if it wasn’t for all the big wave surfers who have come before me and paved the way, especially the really brave, courageous females who have always inspired me and made me feel like I could get out there and give it a crack. So thank you to all the amazing women and I’m just constantly in awe. Andrea Moller held this record before me and it’s an honor to hold that record and keep pushing big wave surfing. And I know that the next girls, the next generation of female big wave surfers are going to do the same.”

Enever’s World Record adds to an already stellar surfing career. She was the ISA Junior World Champion and Triple Crown Rookie of the Year in 2008, and World Junior Champion in 2009. In 2011, Enever qualified for the WSL Championship Tour, where she competed for seven years, consistently finishing in the Top 10. She has gone on to compete in WSL Big Wave events and push the limits of big wave surfing.

“Huge congratulations to Laura for this incredible achievement,” said Jessi Miley-Dyer, WSL Chief of Sport. “Laura is fearless, committed, and a real inspiration, and I’m so proud to celebrate her. These World Records really allow us to shine the spotlight on athletes like Laura who are pushing the boundaries of Big Wave surfing.”

Enever was awarded the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ certificate in her hometown of Narrabeen in New South Wales, Australia, where she celebrated the accomplishment with her family and friends.

“I’ve worked my whole life to be a professional surfer and to be on the World Tour,” continued Enever. “I was there and I gave that up for this pull and urge to surf big waves. I was just thinking I just wanted to go do this for me, and to be here today and to have a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for the biggest paddle, I can’t believe it.”

Enever’s record bettered Andrea Moller’s previous record by just one foot, which was caught on January 16, 2016, at Pe’ahi, Maui. Moller, an internationally recognized waterwoman, pioneer of big wave surfing, and respected paramedic, held the record for seven years. She was the first woman to paddle into a wave at Pe’ahi, the first woman to catch a wave in the prestigious Eddie Aikau big wave contest, and an advocate for equality and progression in big wave surfing.

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NUNYA says:

I guess thats what counts for "riding" a wave these days. Did she even stay standing in the white wash. Balls of steel, but this all hype.

tubethis777 says:

That's not a surfed wave, that's a bailout, gutsy try though, but she never turned to ride the wave

Alex Polakis says:

hm, surely ive seen a bigger mavs/ jaws wave paddled, and completed. Guinness world records dont mean anthing anymore

Trevor Jones says:

Didn’t ride it

clarkewi says:

What a woman……

Peter Vuong says:

Is she still alive?

Devo491 says:

Well, she made the drop. Respect!
But you could hardly call it 'surfing the wave'.

RWR says:

respect. lots of it.

Scotchy says:

I can’t wait for Sterling Spencer to comment on this

trev1978 says:

What GUTS you have just to be out in those waves, let alone paddle into one and make the massive drop. Most surfers never ever get a drop like that. Respect to you 👍

Bernardo. says:

No waves surfed…

moomoo clark says:

im single Laura❤🎉🎉🎉

M P says:

This was a really magical swell when it hit the West Coast with a random pulse of January South swell and offshore wind. Always cool to see it hit the islands with all that raw energy!

Barrbarra says:

Amazing courage & skill but she should have pulled in & exited that tunnel 😄🔥🔥

Tony Walker says:

No record I think.

p soteriou says:

Great effort, but nope. I count that as an attempt.

Tristan Cardon says:


Salem radio says:

She's awesome! Good on her but that shouldn't count. Sorry.

Scotchy says:

How is that a record? Did she ride out of it? I’m all for her but I’m not sure this counts.

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