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Laura Enever Rides the Biggest Ever Paddle-In Wave by a Female Surfer

The WSL has declared that Laura Enever of Australia has achieved a new Guinness World Record for the “Largest wave surfed paddle-in (female).”

This historic feat was validated by the WSL’s rigorous review as part of their Big Wave Record Chase, with Enever’s ride in 2023 reaching a staggering 43.6 feet (13.3 meters), setting the record for the largest wave ever surfed by a female through paddle-in.

At the age of 31, the North Narrabeen native took on a colossal wave at the renowned Outer Reef on Oahu’s North Shore on January 22, 2023.

Enever expressed her exhilaration about the achievement, stating, “I knew it was big when I paddled into it, and then when I took off, I looked down, and I knew it was definitely the biggest wave I’ve ever caught.”

She acknowledged the importance of this wave in her career, emphasizing the personal breakthrough and its subsequent recognition months after the event.

She also paid homage to the trailblazing women in big wave surfing, including Andrea Moller, whose previous record she narrowly surpassed.

Enever’s gratitude extended to these role models who inspired and motivated her to excel in the sport.

Adding to her impressive resume, which includes titles such as the ISA Junior World Champion and World Junior Champion, Enever has been a formidable competitor on the WSL Championship Tour and in big wave events.

WSL’s Jessi Miley-Dyer lauded Enever’s bravery and inspirational role in the sport, highlighting the World Records as a means to honor such groundbreaking accomplishments.

In Narrabeen, New South Wales, Enever was presented with the Guinness World Record certificate, a moment she shared with loved ones.

Reflecting on her career path, she remarked on her transition from professional surfing to pursuing big waves, a choice validated by this prestigious recognition.

Enever’s new record slightly eclipsed Moller’s 2016 achievement at Pe’ahi, Maui. Moller, a revered figure in the sport and a dedicated paramedic, has been a leading advocate for women’s progression in big wave surfing.

Regarding the record-verification process, the WSL Science Team, spearheaded by Michal Pieszk of the Kelly Slater Wave Company, utilized advanced techniques to measure the waves from the season’s footage.

By correcting video frames and calibrating using known dimensions, such as Enever’s body measurements, the team meticulously determined the wave’s height, marking a significant milestone in big wave surfing history.

Footage: @iangrose5814 / @wsl

Still: @_danielrusso_

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@markdearlove8634 says:

Good skills. That was a hell of a drop

@Jacobs_LoweGuitar says:

She didn’t attempt to make a bottom turn or do any on the wave so I’m not counting it

@chiefscrubadub3928 says:

Don't know a thing about surfing and don't care but this lady just oozes life and excitement. She makes me smile. Best of luck, Darling.

@peterbreslin6870 says:

looks like she fell off after dropping in

@philippeforest8502 says:

Her life seems amazing. All smiles and filled with sun and sport energy. Lucky her.

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