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Laird Hamilton The Most Intense wave ever surfed, Teahupoo Tahiti.

( Laird Hamiltion at Teahupu Tahiti, shocking the world with this phenomenal ride making the impossible possible.

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dougerber says:

so is this actually the heaviest ride ever or is that bs? 

Bass Buster says:

The film 'Wake Up Call' should be credited. I saw it when it was released..jaw dropping. Regards a previous comment. I really dont think this wave was ever surfed before when at this size. At the time Laird and the North shore boys were on their own leading the way on breaks like this. Now these waves virtually are crowded out by 'tow-in hellmen' on good days. That is the price of fame Laird! But thanks for sharing your jade green world!

The Great Gazoo says:

Laird is obviously awesome….but calling the BS on this. Making it sound like no one has ever surfed this before. Come on now…none of the locals have ever braved this…they most certainly have!!

GoofBoard says:

Dramatic sequence, love hearing the heavies chiming in.

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